Monday, August 2, 2010

49ers football: It's officially a go

The Charlotte 49ers cleared their final hurdle for starting a football program Monday when Governor Beverly Perdue signed a University Non-Appropriated Capital Project bill that included the funding plan for construction of an on-campus football stadium at UNC Charlotte.

That means Charlotte is on schedule to play intercollegiate football in 2013.

"With the Governor's signature endorsing the General Assembly's approval of construction of our football-related facilities, we open a new chapter in the dynamic history of UNC Charlotte," said UNC Charlotte Chancellor Dr. Philip Dubois in a statement. "The path to this point has been a lengthy but carefully considered one, from the Trustees' decision in late 2006 to authorize a study of the feasibility of football to final approval by the Board of Governors this past spring."

The 49ers' plan includes playing in the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) initially, then moving up to the Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I-A) at a later date.


Anonymous said...

This story deserves more than a stupid blog. Put it in print, just like you did those articles for 20 days in a row last year on why Butch deserved a raise.


Anonymous said...

A blog???
Like the poster above UNC homers are always the same. The biggest sporting announcement in UNCC sports in the past 20 years and you make a stupid blog post. Remember the town you write in moron.

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