Friday, February 4, 2011

49ers' 3-point defense clicking

The 49ers' 3-point defense -- the best in the Atlantic 10 -- helped them to an upset of Xavier on Wednesday. Charlotte's going to need that again Saturday when one of the league's best long-range shooters -- George Washington's Nemanja Mikic -- comes to town.

Charlotte allows opponents to shoot 29.3 percent from 3-point range, the best mark in the league. Xavier made just three-of-20 on Wednesday, and that included a dismal 0-8 night by guard Tu Holloway, the league's top scorer.

The 49ers' 2-3 zone invites opponents to take jump shots. When they're not finding holes in the interior of the zone, other teams are having a tough time making them from deep.

Coach Alan Major conceded Wednesday that Holloway missed some open looks, but he was having to work hard for his points all night as the 49ers stayed in front of him to keep him from getting to the basket.

Mikic is a 46.0 percent 3-point shooter and GW as a team makes 34.6 percent, fourth best in the league.


Anonymous said...

Silver Fox on point again. Makes Utter look like Bozo the Clown

Anonymous said...

Basketball is too complex for Jim Utter.

He's better suited following a simple sport with little action. He's the perfect fit for Nascar.

Anonymous said...

We love you Scott!

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to rip one guy to give the other a compliment. That shows no class for someone like Jim who is committed to the program and a Charlotte graduate.

Anonymous said...

Wow the 49ers had a great game plan and excellent defense in a HUGE win over Xaiver. And dumped all over themselves in a home loss to LA SALLE. Lutz would be crucified.

Anonymous said...