Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Football town-hall meeting set for Wednesday

Here are some details on how the football forum set for 4 p.m. Wednesday (Feb. 9) at UNC Charlotte's McKnight Hall will work:

Chancellor Phil Dubois, athletics director Judy Rose and Dan Van Dyke of the Jenkins-Peer Architecture firm (designer of the football stadium) will make presentations, followed by a Q&A session.

Chairs of various football campaign committees will also be there.

There will be a live on-line chat during the meeting (go to www.charlotte49ers.com and www.uncc.edu). Some (not all) questions from the chat will be used during the Q&A session. There will also be video of the meeting available on-line.

Parking will available on the top deck of the Cone parking deck.

There are other town-hall meetings scheduled, the next one probably next fall.


Anonymous said...

When are they going to announce that we are playing Furman in 2014 and 2015?

49RFBN said...

Furman did it for them.


Lockheed has nothing on us!