Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lambert, Mullen closely tied to Abbate movie

There's a strong 49ers connection to the soon-to-be-released movie "The 5th Quarter."

The movie is about the Luke Abbate, the younger brother of former Wake Forest linebacker Jon Abbate. Luke was killed in an auto accident at the age of 15 in 2006. Jon Abbate switched his uniform number to 5 in honor of Luke (who wore that number) and the Deacons raised all five fingers in the air at the beginning of the fourth quarter of their games during the 2006 season, the year Wake won the ACC championship and played in the Orange Bowl.

Charlotte football coach Brad Lambert and 49ers offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen were both on the Deacons staff at the time. Lambert coached Jon Abbate on defense. Mullen recruited Abbate to Wake Forest. There's even a character for Lambert in the movie: He's played by an actor named Justin Smith.

"We went down for Luke's funeral," said Lambert. "It was really tough. That's not something any family should have to go through, losing a son who's just (15)."

Lambert missed the film's premiere last week in Winston-Salem, but got a call from Jon Abbate earlier this week.

The movie will have a limited release on Friday (check listings). There's also a website for a foundation for Luke Abatte: http://www.lukeabbate5thquarter.org/


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

@Anonymous - Why in the world did you post that in this article? How is this related to the article above? What does it mean? Why are you posting anything of this ilk on a blog about a boy who was killed in an auto accident, and how his brother and family dealt with it?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the top post is all about, but if you open that link "Scotty" provided and watch the movie trailer -- as a parent -- you will tear up.

Anonymous said...

The top post is ridiculous. If the individual is attacking Wake Forest's relevance in North Carolina from a historical standpoint, please keep in mind:

-North Carolina and Wake Forest: Another Tobacco Road rivalry, Wake and Carolina have been at it longer than any other two North Carolina schools. The schools first met on Oct. 18, 1888 when Wake Forest defeated North Carolina 6-4 in the first intercollegiate football game played in North Carolina.

-North Carolina State and Wake Forest: Oldest ACC Basketball rivalry with over 225 played games.

Please also keep in mind that over the past two decades, Wake's basketball team has featured more scholarship players from the state of North Carolina than UNC, NC State, and Duke combined.

Anonymous said...

"The 5th QUARTER" ...not Down. :(

Anonymous said...

"Please also keep in mind that over the past two decades, Wake's basketball team has featured more scholarship players from the state of North Carolina than UNC, NC State, and Duke combined."

That's why I love it when people hop on the UNC bandwagon because they're from North Carolina. Who is the pride of North Carolina? The local school with kids primarily raised in NC or the school with kids from IA, IN, MO, WA, CA, VA, FL, etc. simply wearing a jersey that says "North Carolina".

Anonymous said...

I read this story in the Entertainment Section of today's Observer. Looking for the Final Four in best burgers, and seeing the 49ers' football story in that section is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

The top post obv mocks using the half-name for sports. UNCC is a bit slow ...

Rose knew cutting off the best part "UNC" would alleviate confusion for UNC-Charlotte students too. Its OK. We understand. Its complicated ....

UNCC - not the sharpest knives in the drawer ...