Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thompson gets red-shirt, will play for Charlotte 49ers

Virginia Tech-transfer J.T. Thompson has been granted a special injury waiver from the NCAA and will play basketball for the Charlotte 49ers next season.

Thompson, a 6-foot-6 forward who is from Monroe, has graduated from Virginia Tech and will wrap up what has thus far been a injury-plagued career with the 49ers. After playing three seasons for Hokies, during which he averaged 6.5 points and 4.2 rebounds, he missed the 2010-11 and '11-12 seasons with injuries to both knees.

Last season was his fifth at Virginia Tech, so he had to apply for a special injury waiver from the NCAA to play one more season at Charlotte.

"We are excited to have J.T. join our team," said Charlotte coach Alan Major in a statement.  "He has experience, leadership skills and toughness and has competed at a high level." 

Thompson began his high school career at Marshville Forest Hills, then finished it at Hope Christian Academy in Kings Mountain.

He played in 92 games and started 17 in his three-year career at Virginia Tech. He tore the ACL in his left knee before the 2010-11 season and missed the entire year. He then tore his right ACL before the 2011-12 season and didn't play. Thompson also missed the first 10 games of his sophomore season after surgery for an inguinal hernia.

Thompson is in summer school at Charlotte and is working to complete requirements for grad school.

The addition of Thompson rounds out Charlotte's roster for the 2012-13 season. The 49ers have also added freshman forwards Darion Clark and Willie Clayton and guards Shawn Lester, Denzel Ingram and Ivan Benkovic.

Three starters return for the 49ers, who went 13-17 last season -- center Chris Braswell, forward DeMario Mayfield and point guard Pierria Henry. Two other rotation players, wings Terrence Williams and E. Victor Nickerson, are also back.


NWA said...

Welcome to Niner Nation JT!

Anonymous said...

Did Thorne ever get a redshirt?

Anonymous said...

Any help is going to be greatly appreciated. With the addition on VCU & Butler to the A-10 Charlotte's odds of rising in the standings is beginning to look bleak

Bruce said...

What a JOKE! UNCc 49ers is awful.....bwahahaha.....Good luck in the suck.....

Aw hell. This isn't fun anymore. Guess I'll go back to hoping that a big conference will pity poor, unwanted Appalachian State whose stuck with playing bad fcs teams.

A. Cook said...


It would help if you could keep you comments in line with the story. Just coping and pasting the same nonsensical comment to every blog is boring at best, and definitely lazy.

Anonymous said...

Yo dork including idiot Rose. There is no such animal as Charlotte Fortyniners unless theres a Rock Hill Eagles or Columbia Gamecocks or Chapel Hill Tarheels ...

Yes the school is located on Highway 49 and yes the land around UNCC 49ers has been long annexed into the city but NOT the university that sits its on 100% state owned land buildings stadiums and all even the athletic department.

The city or county thus cannot tax state owned UNCC 49ers because they dont own it. Same for CPCC owned by the state. The Observer keeps trying to look stupid as usual and succeeds.

Similarily the county or state cannot tax Cherokee indian reservation in western NC. Why? Because they dont own it. The Fed Govt owns it. DUHHHHHHHHH

Anonymous said...

Majors cant recruit 4 year players without a contract extension! Give him 5 years in C-USA to see what he can do!

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt it be University of South Carolina at Rock Hill Eagles? USC-RH Eagles?

Anonymous said...

Winthrop is a USC public school so when will AD Rose use her pull to change her alma mater sports to Rock Hill Eagles at University of South Carolina at Rock Hill.
Rose has long had big political clout in Columbia & Raleigh and in a lot politicians pockets as a lobbyist prob making millions on the side thus the mansion on the lake with butlers servants, maids, yachts, etc. Shes def not as dumb as she looks and acts.

NC Legis and UNC system lists UNCC 49ers as University of North Carolina "at" Charlotte not "in" Charlotte. Its in Charlotte but not really.

Matter of sematics.

Same for all 16 UNC schools.

Anonymous said...

Yo Psycho!
Judy is the QUEEN of Charlotte and you are her court jester!
She gets great pleasure sitting on her golden throne beside the lake and reading about your personal torment each and every day!
Sometimes at night she flies her black helicopter over your house and takes a dump on your roof!

Anonymous said...

6:14 PM

No dog in this fight as an App grad but it seems the only "queen" here is some psycho bum who writes filth like that and lives in his mommys basement. All other info seems usefull knowledgable educational value.

Anonymous said...

I believe that's a broom, not a black helicopter.

Anonymous said...

Well as an App St grad we dont give a crap about your opinion. This is a Charlotte 49er blog. Go find your own schools blogs to troll - but thats right you dont have one! Even though App has more of the Charlotte area market...HAHAHA.

And if your educated by a lunatics rants about tax laws and 18th century monarchies that speaks alot about the quality of professors at UNC-Tweetsie.

Anonymous said...

App Grad at 3:32, I have a question about App Basketball. Who was the App coach that when asked about depth and substitutes for the upcoming season responded with "Sure, we have plenty of subs this year. We don't have any starters but we have plenty of subs"?

Wait a second. I may be asking the wrong person. If you are like all the other App students and grads, "your basketball team" resides in Chapel Hill, not Boone.

Anonymous said...

I think dinner with Coach Majors went for $30 at the Gold Rush Auction.
Did somebody say Applebee's 2 for 20?

Anonymous said...

who the hell is Coach "MajorS"? Dumb a$$.

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