Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rodriguez joins Wilmington Hammerheads

Former 49ers defender Charles Rodriguez has signed with the USL Pro's Wilmington Hammerheads, joining the 49ers' two other senior starters on last season's College Cup runner-up team in the pros.

Midfielder/forward Evan James is with Major League Soccer's Montreal Impact and defender Isaac Cowles is with the USL's Charlotte Eagles.

Rodriguez was drafted by MLS' D.C. United but didn't make the team. He is joined in Wilmington by former 49ers forward Andres Cuero. James was drafted by the Impact, but hasn't played for the first-year MLS team yet. Cowles has seen limited action with the Eagles.


Anonymous said...

Can we assume this article will be in print and not relegated to only the blog? After all, he was a leader on the team that finished SECOND in the country and would have won the National Championship had it not been for a couple terrible calls. This news is much more interesting than what Roy Williams had for breakfast. When is the Observer going to PRINT the same story on the corruption in Chapel Hill that their sister paper Raleigh News and Observer has printed on numerous occasions?

49er #1

Anonymous said...

11:31 - as long as being a UNC-CH grad is a condition of employment in the Observer news room, no negative coverage of UNC-CH will ever be top story. They'll cover it minimally out of obligation, just as they print sports news about Charlotte out of obligation. This newspaper is, always has been, and always will be, a Tar Heel apologist and openly Tar Heel fan newspaper.

I can't wait for September 1, 2013. I'll get up early, go to the convenience store next door to my condo complex and buy an Observer, and read about the 49ers 41-10 win over Campbell. Of course, it will probably be on page 18E.

Z said...

I think you're giving them a lot of credit if you assume they'll still be around on September 1, 2013. If they want to survive in the age of dying newspapers, they need to start writing 49er articles frequently and take advantage of the nearly 30,000 students (and soon to be alumni) sitting right down the road.

Anonymous said...

Chris said

We are not the only fans upset with the favortism. NC State and USC fans feel as shafted as we do. The only difference is we are THE LOCAL TEAM. I get the feeling they don't care if they lose readers or advertisers, just as long as they get to promote THEIR UNC-Chapel Hill cheaters. I know the sports editor used to love to rub it in the face of Niner fans whenever he would give them the shaft.

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Anonymous said...

49er #1 says

I agree with 3:21. The Observer is the most biased newspaper in the nation. They even had the audacity to print stories today claiming UNC is innocent of any wrongdoing. If telling lies to the public was illegal, they would be serving a life sentence.

Anonymous said...

I heard today that UNC has cancelled all remaining soccer games against the 49ers. It is my understanding the 2 teams were scheduled to play early in the season. That is a shame. The 2 teams that played for last year's National Title won't be playing this year because one of the teams is afraid they might lose.

Why has the Observer not printed a story on this?