Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summertime Charlotte 49ers news, notes

 I've been off for a few weeks. Aside from the big news of the unveiling of the football helmets (Is everyone good with the decision to go with white? I kind of liked the green option), here's some of what has been happening around Charlotte's athletic department:

-- Charlotte signed a 10-year marketing and sponsorship deal with IMG College that, a source confirms, is worth $8.15 million. The deal starts this coming school year and comes as Charlotte prepares to play football in 2013.

IMG College is based in Winston-Salem and represents more than 200 other schools, including Duke, Appalachian State, East Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, Furman, Wofford and Wake Forest. It will handle all manner of multimedia and sponsorship rights for the 49ers, including radio advertising, the athletic website, venue signage, PA announcements, video boards (most visibly the football stadium's), game programs and event promotions and hospitality.

IMG already has worked with Charlotte. Its licensing group has handled the 49ers' trademark licensing program since 1987. It also means the 49ers' long association with Charlotte-based Signature Sports Group, with whom Charlotte has worked since 1997, will end.

-- The 49ers men's basketball team will be without center Chris Braswell (broken foot) when it plays four games in the Bahamas in August. Charlotte will play games against all-star teams from the Bahamas on Aug. 14 and 16. Although they'll be without Braswell, the 49ers will have their incoming freshmen -- Willie Clayton, Denzel Ingram, Shawn Lester, Darion Clark and Ivan Benkovic. The Bahamas trip will cap what should be a productive summer for the 49ers: The NCAA is now allowing coaches to work with players on a limited basis in the summer months. The 49ers are also permitted to practice for the Bahamas trip. The 49ers, incidentally, will stay at the famous Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

-- Mark Bialkoski is the 49ers' new director of men's basketball operations. He replaces Rob Perron, who left in the spring to become an assistant at Newberry. Bialkoski will be assisted by Stephen Doughton. Both Bialkoski and Doughton have been with the program for the last few years.

-- Former 49ers basketball player K.J. Sherrill is transferring to Division II Augusta State, where he hopes  to play with his younger brother Keshun, who will be a freshman next season. K.J. Sherrill will redshirt this coming season to completely rehab a balky knee that plagued him his last two years at Charlotte.

Sherrill recently told the Salisbury Post (he played at nearby West Rowan High) that playing time was the main reason why he decided to transfer.

“Nothing against the coaches, I just felt like they didn’t give me the opportunity I deserved,” he said. “I thought the coaches would realize I should be on the court. It just didn’t work out.”

Charlotte's other player who transferred out, guard Jamar Briscoe, will play for Division II Mountain (W.Va.) State next season.

--  Charlotte's cross country schedule:
Aug. 31, at Western Carolina Invitational.

Sept. 8, Charlotte Duals (at Concord); 21, at Toledo (Ohio) Regional Bubble Buster; 28, Charlotte Invitational.

Oct. 13, at Chili Pepper Festival (Fayetteville, Ark.); 27, at Atlantic 10 championships (Philadelphia).


Anonymous said...

OK one more time its the one and only San Francisco 49ers since 1946at Candlestick Park. They won 5Super Bowls thanks to the once CP HC Richardson fired named George Seifert.

Seifert actually won 2 as HC and 3 as AC and invented the west coast defense ...

Get it right. No copycats .. There is NO other 49ers team named after a city in America but SF.

Anonymous said...

Mountain State cut its basketball program last week.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:01pm: Troll. Why don't you go back to SF then or whatever bridge you came from under.

Anonymous said...

6:01 Send your heart (and ass) back to Frisco! (They hate being called "Frisco")

Anonymous said...

Agree. San Francisco owns the
49ers name as its citys trademark since 1946.

Its UNCC 49ers and this is documented by the NC Legislature.

Theres no such animal as a Charlotte College 49ers and never has been and never will be other than abuse of power by the aD.

They was a jr college that went defunct in 1960 called Charlotte College Owls but it was not the same school. Completely 180 degree different.

Just because Cone gave her niece, who sucked at sports, a job as female AD who sat the bench for the Rock Hill Eagles aka USC-Rock Hill means nothing.

Cone went to Raleigh and begged for a UNC school and got lucky.

It was approved and opened for business March 1965 as University of North Carolina at Charlotte
49ers or UNCC 49ers.
Anything other is a fraud and illegal by law.

Case closed ......

Mike Curry said...

There is only 1 Flagship school in North Carolina and that is...The University of North Carolna at Chapel Hill! Holla!!

Anonymous said...

6:57 and 9:48 are psychos.......Case closed.....Holla!

Mike Curry said...

Anon 10:40am is a complete moron...Bawhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Let's set the record straight. That fagship school you speak of is officially "UNC-Chapel Hill", but they go by "UNC" in athletics. "UNC Charlotte" goes by "Charlotte" in athletics. Why is this so hard for some of you to understand?

Anonymous said...

Most past and present students prefer using the correct name of UNC-Charlotte 49ers. This gives intelligent credibility style elegance and class to the complete name. The dead white queen name only looks like some halfass cheap gimmick plus is latent racism. Charlotte Sophia was a pure blooded German aryan. We dont have to tell about her future Nazi descendants and what they did to the world and especially jews in the Holocaust who they rounded up and gased and incinerated.
Some people need a history lesson since UNCC is equally a part of the UNC system as UNCCH as the oldest US public university since 1789.
Those who support the dead white German aryan queen name only are clearly racist bigoted anti-semites pro-nazis.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps App State and NC State should start using their real names as well. UNC at Boone - Appalachian State, and UNC at Raleigh of NC State University. UNC-Chapel Hill needs to start using its official name too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. demented history creep! Your ravings have been missed.

Anonymous said...

* History creep 8:50

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why Charlotte would want to be associated with that cheating "school" in Chapel Hill. Change the name, please.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Sophia had more style elegance and class than everyone in your backwoods redneck family combined! She should have exterminated your poor wretched relatives centuries ago!
Charlotte's University is the upper echelon of sophistication! Something history dorks will never understand from reading a history book!