Friday, August 31, 2012

49ers release 2012-13 nonconference MBB schedule

   The Charlotte 49ers' 2012-2013 nonconference men's basketball schedule will include eight home games, two games against ACC foes, and three games in the Great Alaska Shootout.

   The 49ers open the season with three straight home games, starting Nov. 9 against Charleston Southern, Nov. 13 against Georgia Southern and Nov. 17 against Lamar.

   Charlotte will play three games in the Great Alaska Shootout Nov. 22-24, opening with Texas State on Nov. 22.

   East Carolina will visit Halton Arena on Dec. 1 and travel to Mecklenburg County rival Davidson on Dec. 5. The 49ers will play at Miami (Fla.) on Nov. 14 and host Florida State at Time Warner Cable Arena on Dec. 22.

   Charlotte will conclude its nonconference schedule on Jan. 2, hosting UNC Asheville.

   - Jim Utter

2012-13 Men’s Basketball non-conference Schedule



Tues. 13 GEORGIA SOUTHERN Halton Arena

Sat. 17 LAMAR Halton Arena

Thurs-Sat. 22-24 at Great Alaska Shootout Anchorage, Alaska

22nd - vs. Texas State CBSCSN 11:30 pm

23rd - vs. Oral Roberts/Loyola Marymount (CBSCSN times in bold) 6:00 pm/12:00 am

24th - vs. Belmont/Alaska-Anchorage/Northeastern/UC-Riverside 4:00/6:00/10:00pm/12:30 am


Sat. 1 EAST CAROLINA Halton Arena

Wed. 5 at Davidson Davidson, N.C.

Sat. 8 CENTRAL MICHIGAN Halton Arena

Fri. 14 at Miami Miami, Fla.

Sun. 16 at Kennesaw State Kennesaw, Ga.

Wed. 19 RADFORD Halton Arena

Sat. 22 FLORIDA STATE Time Warner Cable Arena


Wed. 2 UNC ASHEVILLE Halton Arena


Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up for tickets?! #eyeroll

Anonymous said...

Looks like Judy is trying to match the 2013 football schedule. What a weak, non-interesting, non-conference schedule. Other than FSU, there;s nothing to see hear.
Why not get some Conference USA teams on the slate and lay the landscape for the future?

Anonymous said...

I remember last year, all the green tinted star wars gang proclaimed Miami and Ark as huge foes, and both ended up horrible in their leagues. I suppose they will strum that chord again. Oh but if we just have Lester....

Anonymous said...

Get a clue, dude.
Judy does not make the schedules. These are done by the people working for the individual teams.
Lots of people seem to think scheduling is a very easy job. Its not. That said, I'm not thrilled with this lineup and next year is apt to be worse, since our conference opponents are going to be significantly weaker.

Anonymous said...

how far can this program fall?

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. We're an intramural team moving to a church league now. We're going to miss the postseason for the third straight year under Major. We may win games, but we'll win them early and suffer later in the season.

I'll be fascinated to hear how this awful hire will be justified when the season ends.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44 wrote "We're going to miss the postseason for the third straight year under Major".

We may even have our 3rd consecutive losing season, a feat that we have only done once in the history of our basketball program. Only twice have we had 2 consecutive losing seasonswith one of those times being the past 2 seasons. Bill Foster, Lee Rose, Mike Pratt, Mullins, Melvin, and Bobby had very few losing seasons and never had back to back losing seasons.

Anonymous said...

Our basketball program would be better if we would get us some of those Swahili classes like the athletes take in chapel hill. Just think, no more losing players because of them being academically ineligible.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, a good number of your players weren't academically eligible out of high school.

Anonymous said...

Duh, yea. That's why he isn't playing. Thus the difference between Charlotte and certain other programs who know who they are. (To be fair)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sharing the doomsday outlook. Y'all keep forgetting how bare the cupboard was when Major got here - do you remember all the games when we only dressed 8 players? You can't go from that to the NCAAs in 1 year.

I think our talent level is better. Still not to the level of Lutz's best years, but better than his worst. We should kill this non-conference schedule; the only teams obviously superior to us are FSU, Davidson and Belmont. We should go 11-3. This won't get us ready for the A-10, and we'll probably go 6-10 in conference. But 17-13 should get us an NIT bid, and I'd be fine with that. To go from fielding an 8-man team to the NIT in 2 years would be a worthwhile accomplishment, and enough to earn Major a contract extension.

Now, if we go 4-12 in conference and 11-19 overall again, we have enough evidence that he was the wrong hire, and send him packing. But I think we'll get to the postseason.


Anonymous said...

Except for Braswell, we have average players and consequenty will have another tepid season...this is why they scheduled the way they did, we can't beat anyone good. The schedule is the worst they've produced in recent memory. Didn't Lamar kick our butts the a year or two ago? These games are all losable. It's a gurads game and weare weak at the position...we are using scholarships on to pry kids away from schools like Elon,'s ridiculous. Prep for another crappy year...

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to admit Lamar, Belmont, and Oral Roberts have better programs than we do. We are home to the DNC and cannot field a winning team, crazy! Where is the pride? Whoever posted that Belmont, FSU, and Davidson are better is not correct. Oral Roberts has a winning program, Lamar crushed us I think last season...I agree these are all losable, when you lose to Gardner Webb at home anything is possible!