Thursday, March 14, 2013

Official's statement on Richmond's 1st technical

Atlantic 10 supervisor of officials Reggie Greenwood's statement on the first technical foul at the end of Thursday's game:

“With (4.7) seconds remaining during the first free throw by Charlotte #15 (Henry), Richmond #34 (Williams) pushed Charlotte #21 (Clayton) to the floor after the free throw was made.

“By rule, deadball contact by (Williams) – two shots and the ball at halfcourt (for Charlotte).

“(Henry) shot the remainder of his free throw (one shot). Any player can shoot the technical. The ball is then put in play at halfcourt.”


Anonymous said...

Look out NIT!!
The Niners are back!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about St Louis, but we can beat them.

MJL said...

hey 10:15, GV! please advance each letter by one. we get it, you're miserable.

Anonymous said...

Get real. Total joke. University City UNC 49ers got lucky over a foul happy mediocre Richmond who was only 18-14.

16th ranked St Louis at 24-6 will quickly end the hazy coma. Major has the weirdest half baked half bald haircut on the planet too. Damn who is his barber or a bad toupe? Just shave your head idiot.

Anonymous said...

Of course their coach was pissed !
He now goes down in history as the first coach to lose a tournament game to Alan Major !!!

Anonymous said...

6:14 & 8:14

Y'all took overnight to come up with THOSE comments?