Thursday, March 14, 2013

Storify: Twitter reaction to Charlotte-Richmond finish


Anonymous said...

Ok, I watched the ending. The first T on Richmond was a bit harsh, but not undeserved. And if you notice the ref, he pauses before he T'd him up. Undoubtedly, he didn't like the look on the kid's face or something was said. No one talks about that. And why did Charlotte only shoot 9 free throws (prior to the final 5 seconds) in the 2nd half compared to Richmond's 22? Richmond's coach didn't have a problem with that. I digress, Richmond's coach cost them that game. Bad officiating or not (seriously, I don't know why the last foul wasn't a 1-1), you're the coach and you have to remain calm with the game on the line so you don't give away 4 points at the end of a 1 point ballgame. He blew it, not the refs.

Anonymous said...

Everbody always on Major about not arguing with refs... i guess it pays off!

Anonymous said...

1. There's lots of stupid stuff on twitter.

2. Even with the foul shots at the end, Richmond, a jump shooting team, shot more foul shots than Charlotte, who goes into the paint nearly every possession.

3. People always say "Let the players decide the game' when they mean "Ignore the rules at the end of the game"

4. The Richmond player shoving Willie Clayton to the floor did in fact, go a long way to decide the game by committing a stupid obvious foul directly in front of the ref.

5. The official calling the dead ball foul was correct in his interpretation of the rules.

6. Except for possibly getting Charlotte an NIT bid, none of this really matters.

7. Mike Persinger should get a life and stop reposting twitter garbage.

Anonymous said...

Get over it people. The first tech was the right call. That foul could not be ignored. We would have won regardless if their coach gotmthe techs. How about 4 Niners fouling out when only one Richmond player had 3 fouls? Poor officiating the whole game, but karma has a way of making sure the best team won. GO NINERS!

CarolinaDrums said...

I've watched the video at least 6 times now and reach the same conclusion - dead ball, over-the-top flagrant foul by Williams = technical. Richmond lost the game as a result of the stupidity of one of its players. And, the coach, only added to it with his utterly stupid display.