Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Charlotte 49ers men's soccer: 5 things to know

Here's five things to know about the 49ers' men's soccer team, which opened practice Monday:

-- The 49ers (15-4-3 last season) are already showing up in preseason national rankings. Charlotte is 21st in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's poll and 24th in the College Soccer News poll.

-- Charlotte returns seven starters from last season's team that won the Atlantic 10 regular-season championship and lost to Georgetown in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Leading the way are forward Giussi Gentile (nine goals last season), midfielder Tyler Gibson and defender Thomas Allen, who all were chosen to the preseason All-Conference USA team.

-- The 49ers face a rugged time in their new league. Tulsa and New Mexico are both among the nation's best, and Old Dominion and Kentucky also are expecting to have strong seasons. Charlotte was chosen third in the league's preseason poll behind the Golden Hurricane and Lobos.

-- The season begins Aug. 30 at Denver, with the home opener Sept. 3 against UNC Greensboro. The 49ers begin conference play Sept. 13 at UAB. Charlotte hosts the Conference USA tournament Nov. 13-17.

-- Coach Kevin Langan visited ex-49ers coach Jeremy Gunn (now at Stanford) this summer in California. While he was there, Langan also got a chance to work with the coaching staff of Italian soccer giant Juventus and visit with coach Antonio Conte.


Aug. 30, at Denver.

Sept. 3, UNC Greensboro; 6, at Coastal Carolina; 13, at Ala.-Birmingham; 15, Memphis (at Birmingham, Ala.); 21, Campbell; 24, Central Florida; 27, South Carolina.

Oct. 1, Wake Forest; 4, at New Mexico; 9, Old Dominion; 13, at Tulsa; 19,  Kentucky; 22, Clemson; 30, at Florida Atlantic.

Nov. 2, Marshall; 8, at Florida International; 13-17, Conference USA tournament (at Charlotte.)

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Anonymous said...

Make that UNCC 49ers and yes we at the Observer feel the name change is stupid and makes the school look real dumb thanks to Judy Rose but we are required to use the city name and not the real UNCC 49ers name even though the school is owned lock stock and barrel by the University of North Carolina system.

We truly apologize for looking so ignorant stupid and dumb all the time and we would rather use the correct UNCC 49ers name so dont blame us.

And yes we know all the other schools in the conference wonder why UNCC likes looking like a bunch of fools who are dumb and ignorant for not using the correct name laughing and mocking us all the time but we grin and bear it.

But we are gluttons for punishment and beasts of burden and yes we do have some of the most ignorant dumbest sports writers on the planet but they all double as janitors and window washers to help save money.

Thanks for bearing with us especially in the first year of football ever at the UNCC 49er campus. Using the city name only makes us sound like a 4A high school team we know and is confusing but thats Judy's low IQ level for you. She was just a simpleton PE major from USC Rock Hill so maybe you understand now.

McClatchy Media Sacramento Ca

Anonymous said...

Come on David! Write ABOUT this TEAM! As fyi 6 seniors who have had quite an impact on this 9ers soccer program: T Allen, K Davis, T Gibson, A Kirkbride, W Mayhew & A Perez. As an example: K Davis has been a 3 yr starter going into his final season. Or perhaps a feature story on them collectively as a group??

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Oh good, you're back...

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Yea, 10:39 is back. His shrink says he's well enough now to use the internet. I don't know about that. Seems to need a few more treatments.