Saturday, October 12, 2013

Final: UNC Pembroke 45, Charlotte 49ers 22

There would be no fourth-quarter magic Saturday at Richardson Stadium.

One week after completing an unlikely comeback against Gardner-Webb, the Charlotte 49ers fell 45-22 to UNC Pembroke, the nation’s 14th-ranked Division II team, Saturday before a homecoming crowd of 16,630.

The 49ers (4-3) were beaten soundly in every phase of the game against the Braves (5-0).

This time, Charlotte fell behind by 28-8 at halftime. At the end of the third quarter, it was 38-15 and UNC Pembroke wouldn’t let up.

The 49ers might have had a brief flicker of hope early in the fourth quarter, after they had cut the Braves lead to 38-15 on a 4-yard touchdown pass from Matt Johnson to C.J. Crawford.

But when Mikel Hunter fumbled a punt on UNC Pembroke’s next possession, any hopes of a potential comeback were extinguished.

Braves quarterback Luke Charles, the school’s all-time leading passer, picked apart the 49ers defense, completing 43 of 57 passes for 403 yards and three touchdowns.

Many of Charles’ passes were thrown underneath the 49ers defense, a tactic Charlotte never adjusted to. And when the 49ers would bite on those short routes, Charles made them pay, as he did when he found Te’Vell Williams on a 56-yard scoring play in the third quarter.





Anonymous said...

Go Niners!
I had a great time being back on campus. Tailgating was awesome!
It felt good watching 49er Football.

Anonymous said...

This was a fine, hard fought game by both high school teams.

Anonymous said...

UNC Pembroke Braves winner is a natural located in Lumberton NC or 130 miles east of UNCC.

The school began in 1887 as the state supported Cherokee Normal School For Indians changed to Pembroke State University in 1972 and in 1996 as University of North Carolina at Pembroke or UNCP Braves Div II.

Football began in 2007 at UNCP with a 4-7 record. In 2008 the team went 9-1 (made playoffs) 9-2 in 2009 (playoffs) etc The team is 41-22 up to the end of 2012.

Great game. Of course its always good when UNCP wins. The battle of 2 UNC schools is always exciting.

Time to head back to the ole teepee and wigwam and smoke em peace pipe and celebrate another solid win for the Cherokee tribe. YAHOOOO ...

Chief KickedYoAss

Anonymous said...

Braves have only made the D2 playoffs 1 time... Played Cental Arkansas...(flew out to see the game) They have a solid program and their head coach is not only an excellent coach, but is an excellent role model for the players. My son played for them and still today has tremendous respect for him...

Anonymous said...

^^^ So what is your sons name? What position and what yrs did he play?
Surely you knew recent retired professor Dr Smith who was D2 wrestling HC and UNCP AD who taught Exercise and Sport Science for 30 yrs? Did your "son" play guard or tackle? Guard the water bucket and tackle anyone who got near it? Whata fcking joke.

Anonymous said...

losing to a DII guys can't even beat a good high school team.

I bet your fans left in the second quarter this week if any even showed up at all.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding unc concord fans!!!! Getting a hammered by a Div 2 school

I'm sure the 3-4K did leave at 1/2 time again.

Anonymous said...

I went to the game for the 1st time. This place needs a lot of work to have any type of environment.

And yes to the above, a lot of people did leave early.

Anonymous said...

I guess since App State is the worst team in NC this year, you guys can only come on here and make stuff up about UNCC. Keep enjoying your losses UNC Boone while we keep growing and getting bigger you guys can keep sinking to the bottom of the Sun Belt....1-5? Bwahahahahahaha at least we are 4-3 with freshman..#truthhurts

Anonymous said...

unc concord who cares about app, you just got beat and beat badly by div 2 school.

And your fans left early....AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

Love when people talk trash when they know nothing about the situation and when they are too scared to show their true colors and who they support...keep talking losers bwahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I refuse to continue a discussion within this blog with Mr. 49er negativity, and I would advise everyone else on this blog to do the same. This person has done this throughout the season and due to his lack of education, his nieve comments will not stop, so just ignore it.

Regarding this weekends game, it was good to see that it was another sell out. How do I know, because I was there. It started to clear out around the mid 4th quarter, because the score was irreversible at that point. The result was quite disappointing, but hopefully we will learn from our mistakes.

UNC Pembroke played their game to perfection. We stayed on our heels due to the lack of size and experience. Even the UNC Pembroke coaches made the comment that their size and experience was the key difference. On both sides of the ball, they were heavy with seniors. Out freshmen tried to stay in the game but we were just not aged enough to compete.

The rest of the season will be quite the uphill climb since the next two games are against two top 25 teams, with one being a top 10 FCS team. We must remember that we are a just a first year team with literally zero seniority on the team. It is hard to remember because we have been quite successful and are rated in the top 10 in most all positive stats within the FCS which includes 122 teams. In addition, Matt Johnson is in the running for the Jerry Rice FCS award for best freshmen player.

So let the haters, hate and let the fans continue to be excited because this young team will grow into a future contender.

Go 49ers.

Anonymous said...

No one even knew before this game that unc Pembroke had a FB team. Now they beat uncc and everyone gets upset.

Anonymous said...


You need a major ass kicking. You represent the forty whiners real well. I hope one day very soon someone gets a ahold of you and does the same.

Real class, you represent your school with pride, nice work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Charlotte Observer editors,
Please put this blog on facebook or close it down. Many of these posts should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should not be allowed.

Have you ever heard of freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. This blog is ruined from all of the trolling. I am an grad and I cant even stomach the trash that these trolls are spewing on here. Mr. Scott, if you intend to keep writing this column, I would suggest that you require (at least) a facebook login. My son is a Charlotte fan (much to my dismay) and I cannot allow him to view your column because of this. Its your job to clean it up. Make it happen.
All you 9er fans, please disregard the classless poser fans that come here to troll. They hide behind anonymity because they don't the sack to come forward. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email to David Scott about the issue of the comments section of this blog. I received a very polite email back saying that he had forwarded my email to the editors and would see what they think.

That email was sent in June 2012. So I'm not holding my breath that this gets resolved anytime soon, and as such I have very little desire to come here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "Forty Whiners" to me

Anonymous said...

sounds like 1 or 2 whiners to me