Monday, November 4, 2013

Charlotte 49ers' Williams, Lester won't be suspended

-- 49ers basketball guards Terrence Williams and Shawn Lester won't face game suspensions for their arrests last summer for second-degree trespassing.

Charlotte coach Alan Major has already disciplined Williams and Lester in other, undisclosed ways, spokesman Brent Stastny said. The 49ers open their season Friday at Halton Arena against East Tennessee State.

Williams and Lester were arrested in August in Charlotte on second-degree trespassing charges. Second-degree trespassing is defined as an unauthorized person knowingly entering a premises without the intent to commit a crime.

Their October court dates were continued to February.

-- Charlotte forward Amanda Jones and defender Monica Trickett were named to the all-Conference USA women's soccer second team and defender Nicole Anderson made the all-freshman team. Jones leads the 49ers with eight goals and 11 assists. Trickett and Anderson have helped the 49ers to eight shutouts this season and a cumulative 1.06 goals-against average.

The 49ers, the top seed from the East Division, have a first-round bye in the league tournament which begins Monday afternoon in Houston. The 49ers will play the winner of Monday's game between Marshall (the East's fifth seed) and Rice (West No. 4) at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

-- Nov. 15 shapes up as a busy day at Charlotte. The Conference USA men's soccer tournament semifinals are scheduled for that day, as is a 4 p.m. men's basketball game against Elon and a volleyball match against Southern Mississippi at 7 p.m.

If the 49ers are in the soccer semifinals, they'll play at 7:30 p.m., avoiding a conflict with the basketball game. The volleyball game, which is also senior night, was scheduled before the basketball game was scheduled, forcing the early 4 p.m. start.   


Anonymous said...

What a disciplinarian.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he's a great disciplinarian...we don't know the facts about what happened or how the athletes were disciplined so don't be so quick to post.

Anonymous said...

Major has suspended players on multiple occasions and kicked 2 our of the program. What a terrible disciplinarian.

Anonymous said...

Nothing shows your appreciation to your paying season ticket holders like scheduling a game at 4:00 on a weekday when most can't attend.

Anonymous said...

That first comment was posted faster than a fast ball.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recollect a time when everyone was quick to judge a certain Boston College transfer without knowing what had happened.

MK said...

Sorry, but if you get cuffed and a miss at least one game. Looks like Major gives his recruits a different treatment

Anonymous said...

Fyi...marijuana use by former players isn't Majors decision. Your 3rd strike on pee test the NCAA and school boot you....not Major

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06:

First, many of the suspensions were academic/mandatory where no decision was necessary by the coaches.

Second, Major is not charismatic and is, quite frankly, a weak leader. There were players who were willing to give the guy a chance but quickly tuned him out. Major played games with their playing time, morale went in the crapper, and players either threatened to quit, transferred, or were given the boot.

Since then, you really can't argue that there has been an alarming amount of publicity in which players that Major has brought in have gotten in trouble with the law. When Major lost his team and the players had no confidence in him, he kicked out players at the expense of his win-loss record. When Major's players get arrested, they get zero days of suspension to the possible benefit of his win-loss record. And while that's all well and good, that does NOT mean that Major suddenly deserves a solid "disciplinarian" reputation.

Anonymous said...

9:41 anon thinks Mayfield was a Lutz recruit.