Sunday, December 29, 2013

Observations from Charlotte 49ers' loss to Georgia Tech

Observations from Charlotte's 58-55 loss to Georgia Tech on Sunday:

-- There was question about why the 49ers gave Tech's Trae Golden so much room to shoot on his game-winning 3-pointer with 3.6 seconds left. Coach Alan Major said they didn't want Golden to drive to the basket or foul him -- and Golden was making just 24.3 percent of his 3-pointers coming into the game. So it was probably a sound strategy. Credit goes to Golden for making the shot, if Denzel Ingram might have been a bit late contesting it.

-- Second straight game that a 49ers guard has had an excellent shooting night. Ingram had a career-high 20 against the Yellow Jackets (on 8 of 10 shooting, 3 of 5 3-pointers), just a week after Ben Cherry did the same with a career-high 20 of his own. Cherry didn't score on 0-of-2 shooting against Georgia Tech, however.

-- As Conference USA season nears, the 49ers need to get center Mike Thorne's game back. Thorne has struggled since his big game at Appalachian State (26 points, 8 rebounds). Since then, he's had 4 points and 7 boards against Florida State, 4 points and 5 rebounds against USC Upstate and 3 points and 5 rebounds against Georgia Tech.

-- Pierria Henry was held out of the starting lineup for a second straight game, this time for returning late (by a few minutes, according to Major) from Christmas break.

-- Golden has played against the 49ers before. As a freshman at Tennessee, he played 13 minutes and scored one point in Charlotte's 49-48 victory against the Vols at Time Warner Cable Arena in 2010. He transferred to Georgia Tech this season.

-- One game remains for Charlotte before the C-USA schedule begins, Saturday at home against N.C.A&T (3-10).


Anonymous said...

Weve learned alot from davidson and florida state. I hope we learn from this loss too and use it to get ready for next season.

Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

Rose and major who need to go NOW!

Anonymous said...

5 more years !

Anonymous said...

Fire rose and major who too.

Anonymous said...

To blogger: Post the damn comments.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed with the team this year. They seemed better last year in the A-10. Major did not have this team ready. How much longer is the A-D going to give him? enough is enough!

Jeff said...

We knew Golden was gonna get the ball, right coach ??? So you put your shortest and worst defensive player on him, then gave him a free pass down the floor......great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and sad how some thought GT was a great crowd, and "electric." Nah Jack.

I guess those same people/bloggers can learn their lesson a decade from now when 8000 come to a football gm and make a bit of noise. And someone brainwashes a student blogger in 2023 it's a electric crowd.

Anonymous said...

Henry's "Entightled Attitude" is becoming a cancer for the team. He obviously picked this up from Braswell last season. Kudos to Majors for setting him straight!

Anonymous said...


Nice Monday morning quarterbacking.
Bad three point shooter taking a shot 2 and a half
feet behind the arc. Oh yea, that's some TERRIBLE defense.
Of course, everyone knew that was the shot they wanted because, you know, they needed three points.
Oh wait....they only needed a single point.
Troll on, my friend

Anonymous said...

From a fellow alum - to hell with UNCC!