Sunday, December 8, 2013

Observations from Charlotte 49ers' victory at Appalachian State

BOONE -- Observations from the 49ers' 77-59 victory Sunday over Appalachian State:

-- Charlotte gave a glimpse of what it's going to need to be successful this season: Contributions from its big men, all that Pierria Henry does and the spark from the bench that guard Shawn Lester provides.

Center Mike Thorne had a career-high 26 points and eight rebounds and power forward Willie Clayton had his seventh double-double (11 points, 10 rebounds), forming a combination down low that the Mountaineers had no chance of containing.

Henry, back from his injury that kept him out of the Davidson game, scored nine points, had seven assists, six steals and three rebounds.

Lester came off the bench to score 10 points, all during a first-half run that put the Mountaineers away. One basket came on a scoop layup that found its way from behind the backboard and around a defender. Another came on a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer off an inbounds pass.

-- Appalachian coach Jason Capel said that's all a tough combination.

"They're big, you start there," said of the 49ers. "I don't think Clayton can jump over a phone book, but he doesn't have to because he's going to hit you really hard all game. Pierria Henry controls the team, he's got a calming aura about him that exudes on the team. Lester and Terrence Williams are world-class athletes. When you've got big guys like that and one of the best point guards in the country, you've got a great team."

-- The victory evened Major's record at 51-51 in four-plus seasons at Charlotte.

-- Lester entered the game leading the team in scoring (15.0) and averaging 5.1 rebounds. Of his 41 total rebounds, just one was offensive. He pulled down one more offensive board against Appalachian (five total), making his total for the year 44 defensive, 2 offensive.


Anonymous said...

Additional Observations:
Butthurt, lots of butthurt from Mountaineers

Anonymous said...

Not many offensive rebounds for Lester to get with Fred on the court.

Anonymous said...

Im different yeah Im different
Im different yeah Im different


Walter Kugler said...

Very good win on the mountain. So clear that Henry is the motor that runs this team. Looked lost without him v Davidson. Even with both teams down a key player, it was obvious that the 49ers missed his direction the most.

Anonymous said...

Here's my observation.. I've not seen an Appalachian team this bad since Press Maravich was the coach when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Blip. Crickets. No one even cares enough to complain anymore. Irrelevance, Inc.

Anonymous said...

The Mountaineer fans don't care about basketball anyway, someone let me know when we can beat them at a sport that matters (football).

We can't stand toe to toe with them if we are getting handled at home by a Division 3 team called Wesley.