Saturday, February 22, 2014

Observations from 49ers' loss to UAB

Observations from the 49ers' 64-62 loss to Alabama-Birmingham on Saturday:

-- This is what happens when things are going as badly as they are these days for the 49ers. In victories earlier this season against Michigan and North Texas, Pierria Henry made plays at the end of both games (dishing to Terrence Williams) to win them. This time, UAB's Chad Frazier made the steal and the 49ers were on their way to their fifth consecutive loss and seventh in nine games.

Throw that final play in with two missed dunks by the springy-legged Shawn Lester and an unforced turnover by Henry on a fast break (that potentially could have given the 49ers a lead with less than four minutes left), and you know that there's nothing physically or mentally that's working for Charlotte now.

Said coach Alan Major after the game:

“I believe in every single one of these guys. We’ve got the capability to bust through this deal. We’ve got to continue to squeeze.”

-- UAB's Frazier, who played at Concord's First Assembly Christian, grew up in Charlotte and was a teammate at West Mecklenburg High with the 49ers' Williams for a while. He said he was recruited by the 49ers, but wanted to play in college farther away from home.

-- More free throw problems: Charlotte was 8-of-15 (53.3 percent), just a few days after making 3 of 10 against Middle Tennessee. Willie Clayton missed all five his attempts and is under .500 for the season (49 percent). He's now under .500 for his career (48.7). The 49ers are shooting 65.6 percent as a team.

-- On a nice afternoon with baseball and softball games also being played on campus, the basketball game drew a crowd of 6,200, well above the season average of 5,048 entering the game.


Anonymous said...

How are you going to find to replace Majors?? Huh??? Who? Give me names!
Alan loves this university! Anybody we get will leave if they are successful. Alan is committed to his players and loyal to Judy for giving him his first coaching job.
And if we can't afford to play 3! coaches next year! Yes Lutz will still be on our payroll next year + Majors and new coach.
Not supporting the team now is the worst thing you can do for the program.


Anonymous said...

Garbage in, garbage out

Anonymous said...

I just hope we can learn from this loss. Games like today will be big for us in March! Never Give Up!


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35. You write like Alan Major coaches, and your arguments are pathetic. I love the university too, but that doesn't make me the right person to coach the team.

49erEngineer said...

Actually Anonymous 8:35, you are wrong about Lutz.

Anonymous said...

5048 was before marshall debacle. It had slipped to 4900 avg

No way 6100 there. Spin

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a few great years and then the coach leaves then be consistently mediocre with a coach who is 100% committed.

The problem is that we cannot afford a good coach. Many of these next-in-line coaches at big universities already make more than the 400K we're paying.

We have to face that success in basketball is not a top priority for the AD anymore.

Anonymous said...

The huge chunk of the money for Major's contract will picked up merely by people renewing their season tickets. I will not watch a game next year and I know many that are forgoing their season tickets until we get a new coach. This is absolutely horrible.

We (UNCC Fans) don't ask for much...just an appearance in the tournament once in a while. From the early 90's and for 15 years we were always in the hunt.

Anonymous said...

I want David Scott or someone at the Observer to write an article that clarifies Lutz's contract extension and the financial blunders Judy created for the university.

Lutz was given a 5 year extension causes us to pay him at NC State into 2014-2015. What is Major's situation? Put it in print for the city to see! Someone should be held accountable!

Anonymous said...

Major is building a program all right, a losing one. Good coaches get better, not worse. We all know that, silly!

Anonymous said...

58 wins and 60 losses last 4 years. Most of the wins were vs. 200+ RPI teams. Average of 5 wins per year for teams with less than 200 RPI. Fire the person that hired this incompetent basketball coach.

Anonymous said...'re wrong. We don't have to pay Lutz anymore after this season and Majors contract terms will not keep him from being fired.

Anonymous said...

They just dont listen!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Typical UNCconcord stuff, you guys will always be backseat riders to the ACC teams.

What is funnier than this MBB losing streak is your pee wee football team.