Monday, March 5, 2007

49ers snubbed by A-10 voting

Shocking would be an understatement to describe my reaction to the announcement of the Atlantic 10 all-conference teams on Monday.
I completely understand that it is extremely difficult to get much individual player recognition when the team you play on is struggling and in the bottom half of the conference standings. But let's just think about this for a moment.
De'Angelo Alexander was first team all conference last season. He was the league's top returning scorer and he ended the regular season as the fourth-highest scorer and one of only two players in the league to be ranked in the top 10 in scoring and rebounding. The best he can manage is third-team? You have got to be kidding me.
I can understand somewhat the absence of Leemire Goldwire. He was a scoring threat this season, but exceedingly inconsistent, in part because of his varying roles he played on the team, switching from shooting guard to point guard.
However, the absence of senior forward E.J. Drayton from any of the all-conference teams -- even honorable mention -- is just ridiculous. He was the league's second leading rebounder and nearly averaged a double-double on the year. He was the most consistent player for the 49ers by far.
Clearly, the league's coaches mostly voted on players from the top tier teams. That's fine, but don't pretend this is a recognition of the league's best players. It's more the recognition of the best players on the league's best teams.
And one other thing. How is it the media vote on the preseason teams -- when we have not even seen many of the players, particularly newcomers -- yet at the end of the season when we've witnessed a whole season of play, the voting is done by the coaches? Seems a little like taking care of your own to me.
Perhaps a good showing in the A-10 tournament will take a little sting out of Monday's announcement for Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations DeAngleo Alexander! You lead the conference in three point shot attempts! And Congratulations to Bobby Lutz! For the 10th straight season your team leads the conference in three pointers taken.
It doesnt matter what percentage they shoot as long as your craptastic tradition continues!

Anonymous said...

EJ deserved 3rd team at least. He nearly averaged a double-double.

Last chance to prove themselves. The time is now or never.