Thursday, March 22, 2007

Niners looking at basketball transfers?

The addition of former Victory Christian and Myers Park football and basketball player DiJuan Harris to the Charlotte 49ers -- even as a walk-on -- naturally raises some eyebrows about the scholarships the 49ers have remaining this season.

Currently, the 49ers have one available scholarship left. That one is likely to go to 6-foot-7, 210-pound junior college player Lamont Mack, should he commit. Mack is making an official visit to the campus this weekend and a decision on his future could come as early as Sunday night.

Should Mack commit, that means Charlotte is out of scholarships, right? Not necessarily.

There is a strong possibility one (or more) current scholarship players could opt to transfer, making their scholarships available for next season.

In fact, with the way Charlotte assistant coaches continue to work on players that would be available next season, I would consider that scenario far more likely than not. And I would also bet those decisions will be made very soon.

Stay tuned.
  • The dates of the 2007 Paradise Jams tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands have been set, Nov 15-20, 2007. The teams entered: Charlotte, Winthrop, Georgia Tech, Baylor, Notre Dame, Wichita State, Monmouth (N.J.) and Illinois-Chicago. It is possible Charlotte and Winthrop could meet in the first round, which would mark the first ever men's basketball game played between the two schools.
-- Jim Utter


Anonymous said...

After a breath was taken with news that Dijuan was planning to walk on instead of use a scholarship you had to push us back to the edge didn't you Jim? Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

We want MACK! I love Harris because of his comment, "Charlotte is MY Carolina or Duke." This guy is my favorite newcomer already!

Anonymous said...

Ive heard the "Id love to be a Niner" stuff before from someone named Michael Beasley. How did that turn out?

Bottom Line is this guy is a one star recruit. He would love to make it anywhere.

My two possible transfers are:
1. Phil Jones (not making the grades)
2. Bobby Lutz (hopefully)

Justin Ritchie said...

The transfers have to be Jerell Lewis and David Booker.

Lewis because we are getting so many PGs... Garrity, Williams, and now Dijuan.

Booker because we are loading up on PFs, Mack, Gaby, etc...

Lewis and Booker would likely see almost no playing time next year.

Unknown said...

I disagree Justin. Lewis will be a junior next year and will have to sit out a season if he transfers. That means he'll only have 1 year of eligibility if he does decide to transfer. What school would offer him a scholarship for one year or offer him a scholarship at all? He hasn't done anything in college to warrant receiving a scholarship from another school. As for Booker, what makes you think he'll get less playing time next year than Gaby? Gaby will likely be playing center and he will be a freshman with even less experience than Booker. If we sign Mack, Booker may not start, but he'll probably still get a decent amount of playtime unless he shows he just can't cut it.