Friday, March 30, 2007

Lutz on Phil Jones

I had an extensive interview with Charlotte 49ers coach Bobby Lutz recently and over the next few days, I thought I'd share some of his responses on a number of topics relevant to Charlotte and its athletic programs.

Today's topic: Lutz on Phil Jones

Jones, a highly touted 6-foot-10 center, was declared ineligible by the NCAA before the season started. He remained in school this season, having to pay his education costs on his own.
Can you talk about Phil Jones and his year having to sit out and the effort he's gone through to remain enrolled at Charlotte so he can play next season?

Lutz: "He loves Charlotte. He doesn't want to be anywhere else and that's a positive thing. He's worked very hard, he's working hard in school and doing well. He's working hard doing the things he can do within the rules, which is being in the weight room and play and shoot on his own.

"He could certainly use some practice time and that will be next fall before that happens. He is extremely well liked on campus. The students already talk about him a lot and his teammates like him. He has the chance to become a really good player for us."


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Jim. Blog is great!

Can't wait to see Jones, Gerrity and all the new guys in action.

Jon said...

How does Bobby feel about Booker and Williams taking the "ITI EXIT"???

Anonymous said...

Phil Jones is my hero.

I can't wait to pull for this years team... it will be a bunch of great guys; there won't be anymore ball-hog, team killer Oklahoma transfers, and we'll have a bunch of people that seem to actually care.

Anonymous said...

Jones is a nice kid. I met him early in the season, then saw him at the end and he remembered me and my son, shook hands, said he can't wait to play.

It would be great to have a capable big man, just once.