Friday, April 13, 2007

Silence speaking volumes at Charlotte

Needless to say, it's been a wild couple of days if you are a Charlotte 49ers fan. First, men's basketball coach Bobby Lutz heads to Mobile, Ala., to interview for a job that on the surface appears to be a step down from his current position.

A day later, the women's coach, Amanda Butler, is on a chartered flight to Gainesville, Fla., interviewing for the head coaching position at Florida, her alma mater.

So far today, Butler has been offered the Florida job and accepted, while Lutz appears to have been offered the South Alabama job, but no decision is as yet forthcoming.

Although the two situations are in reality linked only by bad timing, they leave the impression there is more going on at Charlotte than simple coaching transitions. Indeed, the silence of the athletic department on Lutz's interest in the South Alabama job does nothing but foster more speculation as to the "real reason" he is interviewing.

Fair or not, "no comment" these days is almost the same as commenting because of the void it leaves. It basically says to people: "I'm not telling, you figure it out." Even if there is some rift between Lutz and the Charlotte administration, isn't his body of work over the past nine years -- seven winning seasons, seven postseason trips -- deserving of some kind comment or thanks?

I think so. I don't know if Lutz will leave, but I think Lutz and Charlotte will both be better off if a decision is made soon. The silence definitely speaks volumes. -- Jim Utter


Anonymous said...

Any insider insights on the problem out there ??? Lets hear them.

Anonymous said...

Bobby....thought you were a fighter?

Anonymous said...

This is killing recruiting. We need some sort of closure soon!

Anonymous said...

Bobby is a fighter, but he's been shown the door by Chancellor. He should have received an extension, but did not. So, he has a simple formula: 2 years and done at Charlotte or 6 years, guaranteed money, at South Alabama.

Anonymous said...

I think the Chancellor is cleaning house. But he's not forcing anyone, but he's not stopping anyone either.

Whos next? Judy Rose?

Could all this change have something to do with football?

Anonymous said...

If Lutz wants an extension - let him earn one! He cant ask for an extension when you finish below .500!! Lutz must realize next year will be worse than this year or he would try and prove he still can win games and has the passion for coaching the Niners. By all accounts his passion and coaching ability have disappeared! Giving him a one year extension to continue going thru the motions will lead us right back here next year. Let him hit the road.

PS Judy Rose is definitely a problem and hopefully will disappear sometime soon too!

Anonymous said...

Judy Rose must go. She has been a thorn in Bobby's side for years. We need a more forward-thinking AD... someone who is not afraid to take some risks and put this athletic program on the map for good.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Butler's situation speaks nothing to problems at Charlotte, you're talking about an alumni going back to her SEC school from an A-10 school, all said, I am fine with that. Bobby, dig in or get out.