Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Predicting the A-10, preseason all-conference

Here are my preseason picks for the Atlantic 10 men's basketball season. The official release of the media picks is schedule for early October. At that time, I will compare your picks to the media picks and pick the winner of the home Charlotte jersey.

My preseason all-conference picks (you pick 15):
Ahmad Nivens, St. Joe's
Chris Love, UMass
Dionte Christmas, Temple
Chris Wright, Dayton
Lamont Mack, Charlotte
Ricky Harris, UMass
Tommie Liddell, Saint Louis
Derrick Brown, Xavier
Kevin Lisch, Saint Louis
Charlie Coley, Charlotte
Jimmy Baron, Rhode Island
CJ Anderson, Xavier
Marcus Johnson, Dayton
Rodney Green, La Salle
Rob Diggs, George Washington

My preseason all-defensive team (you pick 5):
Derrick Brown, Xavier
DiJuan Harris, Charlotte
Marcus Johnson, Dayton
Kevin Lisch, Saint Louis
Chris Love, UMass

My preseason all-rookie team (you pick 5):
Melquan Bolding, Duquesne
Sharmarr Bowden, Charlotte
Kenny Frease, Xavier
Terrell Holloway, Xavier
Kwamain Mitchell, Saint Louis

My league predicted order of finish:
1. Xavier
2. Charlotte
3. Temple
4. St. Joseph's
5. Dayton
6. UMass
7. Richmond
8. La Salle
9. Rhose Island
10. Saint Louis
11. George Washington
12. Duquesne
13. Fordham
14. St. Bonaventure


Anonymous said...

Here is a name you will want to know- Chris Matthews- SG Bonnies. I'll check back in with you in March when he is selected to the first or second all A-10 team.

Jon said...

I read that Bob Huggins will be back on campus in October for a coaching clinic... I miss hating that guy! Can we play WVU? I would like to play dueling banjos as their intro music.

Anonymous said...

Does RaShad Coleman count as rookie since he is in essence a two-year transfer?
I think Charles Dewhurst wil surprise many.
How come the St. Bonnies fan above didn't mention you picked them last?

Anonymous said...

I think Dijuan Harris is gonna suprise the league and be all conference. He's one of the more dangerous weapons we'll have on both ends of the floor !

Anonymous said...

To let that piece of crap Bob Huggins even enter the city limits of Charlotte is a travesty much less step foot on our campus without being an opponent after the criminal act he concocted with Dalonta Hill to steal Michael Beasley and set our program back a couple years.