Friday, February 20, 2009

Jones questionable for Richmond

Charlotte's upset of 16th-ranked Xavier on Thursday night may have come at some cost. Junior 6-foot-10 center Phil Jones suffered a right shoulder separation in the first half of the game and is questionable for Saturday's Atlantic 10 matchup at Richmond. Jones continued to play in the game with the separation and even blocked a shot in the final six seconds - with his right arm - to help preserve the 49ers' win.


Anonymous said...

Why can't the 8-9 guys we have stay healthy the rest of the year? This is ridiculous.
What is next? Food poisoning?

Anonymous said...

When you have too many injuries during the season there is a high probability that the players did not work in the right way the preseason.

Let's learn something from this awful year, come on guys work harder in the gym.

moss2k said...

the majority of the injuries we've sustained aren't caused from not working out hard like pulling your groin/hammie.

Shredding your knee has NOTHING to do with preseason conditioning.

What an asinine statement.

bfbowers said...

Food Poisoning - hmmm I think we can check that one off the list... See Coleman around Christmas (I think it was one of the winter break games?) - I'm pretty sure he left the game for a bit bc of stomach issues...and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with something he ate...

I do agree with jobscience though - blown out knees aren't because of working out. These guys aren't pulling/straining muscles, they're breaking/separating bones.

Anonymous said...

I hate we were playing so quickly after winning such a big game and doing so without Big Phil.
We never get a break. We scored 22 freaking points In the second half. Just bloody ridiculous.