Saturday, December 5, 2009

Niners looking to create a memory

Many of the Charlotte 49ers' best memories have been created against the Louisville Cardinals, and Bobby Lutz and his team have a chance to create another one tonight (7 p.m., ESPNU) in Freedom Hall. The question is, can they? Read the story at, then leave your game score prediction in the comments below.

For more on the Niners, check out this look back at the series history, and the Observer's capsule looks at today's college basketball action.

Other links:

Louisville basketball hurting for guards / Louisville Courier-Journal


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT work Utter! Thanks for bringing Stan back into the picture. Since you'll be missing a good number of games for racing, maybe he can cover the games you miss.

Anonymous said...

92 - 79 Niners!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome game Niners! It's great to keep the Cards in their place!

Ninerballin said...

Memory Created!

Jim Utter said...

Whoever Anonymous was with the score, wasn't far off !