Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Small increase in FSLs since football decision

The Charlotte 49ers have seen only a slight increase in the sale of football seat licenses since the school's board of trustees decided Dec. 11 to proceed with plans to begin fielding a team in time for the 2013 season.

As of Wednesday, 3,218 FSLs have been sold - just 15 more since the number was last reported on Dec. 7.

With the cost of FSLs ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 each, that equates to about $3,978,000 in start-up funds. Charlotte's official FSL marketing campaign ended in September.

The original recommendation by chancellor Philip Dubois to the school's board of trustees called for the sale of 5,000 FSLs at $1,000 apiece to raise $5 million in startup funds.

School officials say FSLs are the only way for non-students to guarantee a seat at a Charlotte 49ers football game.


tarhoosier said...

Give up, 49'ers. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce wants this but they want doofuses to pay for their hospitality and visitors commitment. Sorry. By the way, has anyone actually looked into the long term financial commitment UNCC is asking with these "tickets"? 15000-20,000$ for ten years of "donations" to the Athletic fund, no transfer of licenses outside of your family, no stadium, ten year agreement only. Sheesh! This is not 2005,and never will be again, thank you Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I would say get your facts right, but you didn't use any idiot.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope college football comes to Charlotte and silence the halfa** critics such as the ones on the first comment.