Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Observations from Wednesday's loss to ODU

-Early in the game, Old Dominion showed why experience matters. Monarchs senior 6-foot-10 forward Gerald Lee did a masterful job on the 49ers’ freshman forward Chris Braswell, at one point spinning around Braswell to get to the rim for a reverse layup. Lee made 5-of-6 shots in the first half.

-Charlotte forward Shamari Spears didn’t practice much since Sunday’s game at Winthrop, nursing tendonitis in his right knee. He still started Wednesday’s game. Although Spears didn’t appear slowed by the injury, ODU kept him away from the basket and he was relegated to mostly jump shots – not what he does best.

-In the first half, Charlotte made four shots – that averages to one made shot every five minutes of play. There is no way that can be good.

-There’s quite a connection with Old Dominion and the NBA’s former Charlotte Hornets. Retired jerseys of Kenny Gattison and Dave Twardzik hang from the rafters of the Constant Convocation Center. Twardzik is a former general manager of the Hornets, while Gattison played for the Hornets from 1989 to 1995.

-In an apparent dose of Christmas spirit, two ODU fans arrived with painted blue and white faces and adorned with hair made of icicles and necklaces featuring Christmas ornaments.


Anonymous said...

"Teams are going to have to be like an Old Dominion to beat us"...revised quote from Ian Andersen

Anonymous said...

That was pathetic. They should have just told ODU at halftime that they embarrased themselves enough. Time to go home since the guys were already home mentally.

The crowd should have asked for a refund because that was men against girls. Why show up if you ae goint to play like that?
The Duke destruction should have taught us to be redy for tough road games.

What will Xavier and Dayton do to us?

Anonymous said...

The coaching staff at the school are out of touch with what works.They start a lineup that is not the best for the team. They have stopped fast breaking. They don't front the post, and there is just standing in the half court sets. Charlotte is a much better team when they run. The team has too much talent to walk the ball down the court.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:49 good observation, but the team hasn't stopped fast-breaking they are being PREVENTED from fast-breaking by smart opposition. Shut down DiJuan Harris and you shut down this team.

Anonymous said...

I hope this team can shake off this loss and move ahead. They better find a way to play these "physical teams" more competitively or Lutz could be coaching his last year at Charlotte.