Saturday, January 9, 2010

Observations from Saturday's win over St. Bonnie

-Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz is a stickler for his own personal rule that if a player picks up two fouls early in the first half, they will likely spend the rest of the half on the bench. Such was the case Saturday night when starters An’Juan Wilderness (who played two minutes) and Chris Braswell (10 minutes) saw limited action.

-On the Bonnie’s first possession of the game, Chris Matthews made what appeared to be a 3-pointer – it was signaled as such by the closest official – but more than four minutes later, during a timeout, the officials told the official scorer it was instead a two-pointer. Given the game wasn’t televised and no replay available, it’s perplexing what forced the change in the original call well after the shot had been made.

-Before the game several St. Bonaventure fans, who had taken seats on the lower level but without tickets for that location, were escorted out of that area. On their way out, one flashed an obscene gesture toward the Charlotte student section, which had been heckling them.

-Charlotte takes to the road on Wednesday to play at Xavier. The 49ers split their two games with the Musketeers last season, with its upset win at home over Xavier the highlight of Charlotte’s five conference wins.


Anonymous said...

It was a fun A-10 game to watch, Lutz totally coached the Niners to a win, kudos to coach Lutz, classy guy! Halton is a great place to watch a game.
Small Niner student section, Bonnies has double or triple the student section on their home court and they only have 3,000 students in the whole school.
Niner students need more chants then "forty"-"niners", is that all you got?
Looking forward to seeing more games in Halton this year.
-Bona grad-

Chris said...

Considering that school isn't back in session, student turnout was about as expected. I would imagine many students didn't make the trip back just to watch a team like St. Bonaventure.

I can't understand how the Bonnies fan wearing Niners colors didn't get kicked out of the game. How many warnings does 1 person get?

Anonymous said...

the student section has been disappointing this season. the "chants" are kinda...weak...and dorky. lol

hopefully if we perform well throughout conference play...the students will come out in force. stay strong Niner Nation. keep the faith.

Jon said...

I sit in the "poor alumni" section by the opposing team's fans, they were very loud compared to all other groups. I applaud them for showing up in great numbers. I do not agree with coach that they were classy, I had words with a few but we worked it out (on the scoreboard). The students were disappointing a little, but I know they will rebound strong. I am disappointed that with the money invested in A/V that we don't play music during the breaks to keep the opposing team's fans quiet... also PEP BAND... we need more music to fill in those time gaps. You could have single handedly shut down the Bonnie fans.

Heyoooooooo said...

"On their way out, one flashed an obscene gesture toward the Charlotte student section, which had been heckling them."

No I didn't, I was being pretty respectful. And you call that heckling? They ran and tattled on me to security that I shouldn't be sitting there. That isn't heckling, that's taking out your pacifier and being a baby 49er fan. That Bonaventure section in the upper level was louder and more into the game than Charlotte ever was. Nice win, though.

bfbowers said...

echoing what Chris said - most of our students didn't return to watch bona... a lot of them came back a week earlier for the GT game so I guess they wanted to stay home the extra day that they missed... Not an excuse, just a reason - kinda sad though... I'd like to think we'd pack out every game... but, I think its reasonable to say most of our students aren't familiar with the history of bona etc since they are way up north and we're in an ACC/SEC saturated market...

their fans were loud though - sitting between them our students drowned them out pretty well...but it did take far to long to get them jump started. Charlotte students will be back in action this weekend though against St. Louis!