Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Observations from Wednesday's loss to Xavier

-The 49ers wasted a solid effort on Xavier’s leading scorer, Jordan Crawford, in the first half by faltering badly in two areas. Charlotte held Crawford to seven first-half points, but struggled to score itself, going 1-for-12 from 3-point range and missing 7 of 14 free throws. The 49ers came into the game as one of the top free throw shooting teams in the Atlantic 10 (74.3 percent).

-Bizarre moment late in the first half. Charlotte’s K.J. Sherrill grabbed an offensive rebound and two officials called a jump ball while the other called a foul on Xavier. After viewing video replay, the foul was charged and Sherrill went to the line to shoot two free throws (Charlotte was in the double-bonus). After missing the first, both teams played as if it was a one-and-one opportunity and raced to the other end court before the officials finally called them back for the second free throw.

-Freshman Shamarr Bowden’s abrupt decision to transfer this week brought some additional playing time for fellow freshman Gokhan (pronounced GO-kin) Sirin, who saw first-half action one of the few times this season. Sophomore Javarris Barnett saw six minutes of action in the second half.

-Charlotte point guard DiJuan Harris received five stitches over his left eyebrow after a hard fall in the 49ers’ win Saturday over St. Bonaventure. He is scheduled to have them removed Thursday.


Anonymous said...

We suck on the road. How does a grown group of men shoot 2-of-22 from the arc? We are soft.

Anonymous said...

What happened to our free throw shooting? What happened to our 3 point shooting?

Anonymous said...

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Jeff said...

All I know is Parks and Lewis have shown they know how to shoot the ball ! If they're defense is a question.....that still puts them ahead of the guards that are coming off the bench ! Give them a legitimate shot at some PT !

Anonymous said...

This sums it all up:

UNC-CH fans understand they don't just pull for the basketball team, it isn't a sport but a way of life that non-UNC-CH fans just don't get. That's OK, it's always lonely at the top, we will just continue to step over the yapping little dogs that are the rest of you. We are no more defined in total by winning it all last year than we are by this year. The tradition of excellence in all things UNC-CH, sports, academics, quality of life, exceeds all other choices. Before us, you are all just slugs in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Derio Green going 0-9 from 3pt land, that is how you go 2 for 22

Jon said...

Wow Anon, big man posting on our "little school" blog. Do the world a favor, check your arrogance at the door and focus on the 700 media outlets that love a sissy shade of blue and leave ours alone. I do respect that you are one of the .005% of powder blue lovers that know their school's proper name. Have a wonderful day.