Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Men's basketball schedule released

Three games against teams from college basketball's "power" conferences, as well as a return to their rivalry against Davidson, highlight the Charlotte 49ers' 2010-11 men's basketball schedule.

Charlotte opens its season Nov. 13 at Halton Arena against S.C. State. The following week it will play in the Charleston Classic, which includes teams such as N.C. State and Georgetown. Then the 49ers will play at the Pac-10's Oregon State on Nov. 24, against the SEC's Tennessee at Bobcats Arena on Dec. 17 and at the ACC's Georgia Tech on Jan. 2.

Charlotte plays Davidson for the first time since 2007 at the Wildcats' Belk Arena on Dec. 11.
Charlotte opens its Atlantic 10 season Jan 5 at Richmond.

"The schedule is challenging with teams like Tennessee, which could be a top 15 team, and going to Oregon State and to the Charleston Tournament for three games in four days where we will be tested by teams like Georgetown and N.C State," said first-year coach Alan Major. "It’s definitely a schedule that has some BCS flavor.

"You want to put yourself in position by the end of the year that you’ve seen every scenario. I think this schedule is set up that way. We have strong home and road games, a multiple-game format, a cross country trip – hopefully this will put us in the position that we have seen a lot by the time late February, early March rolls around."

Nov. 13, S.C. State; 18-21, Charleston Classic; 24, at Oregon State; 27, Radford.

Dec. 1, at East Carolina; 7, Winthrop; 11, at Davidson; 17, Tennessee (at Bobcats Arena); 22, Wright State; 30, at Mercer.

Jan. 2, at Georgia Tech; 5, at Richmond; 8, at St. Bonaventure; 15, Fordham, 19, Massachusetts; 22, at Duquesne; 26, at Temple; 29, La Salle.

Feb. 2, Xavier; 5, George Washington; 12, at Rhode Island; 16, Dayton; 19, at Saint Louis; 23, George Washington; 26, Richmond.

March 2, at Xavier; 5, Saint Joseph's; 8 (campus sites), 11-13, Atlantic 10 tournament (at Atlantic City, N.J.).


Anonymous said...

Its clear these Charlotte College 49ers are gonna suck under the new chump worst then they ever did.

Cornbread who was ignored to coach says he is getting stabbed in the back by Charlotte College but will make certain everyone knows his position loud and clear via airwaves.

If anyone ever wondered why Charlotte College for the past 50 yrs has been 3rd rate and never had football wrestling plus no law med dental or pharmacy school etc now you know why.

He guided little "Charlotte College" to the Final Four in 1977 and was drafted 12th by the Celtics and 4 time NBA champ plus a MVP having his jersey retired.

After bein on Packmans radio show in March and verbally indicating he wanted to coach Charlote College 49ers to the world but not only ignored and dumped in the river but not even allowed an interview was not only disrepectful and humiliating but proves the total incompetence of Charlotte College AD who ended up picking some unknown nobody chump.

Fire Rose !!!

ps She will prob pick Minter to coach football or some recent ex-coach of Garinger.

Anonymous said...

wonderz you are the best. You come up with the strangest insults. Maxwell has shown zero support for our program, and has even made openly negative comments about the 49ers. Give it a rest. Major has been a part of several prestigious programs in the country, and he is already working to improve the tradition and culture of our program. Being a good basketball player has never made someone a good coach.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:04 PM is right. This cornbread fellow is not even remotly qualified to coach the 49'rs. If Cornhead wants to start coaching he better find an assistant job at some junior college just like every other coach that has had worked hard to get were there at now. Major has earned his strips by working under some great coaches in both non-BCs and BCS. last time I checked Cornhead hasn't even coached a high school team. It's pretty obvious to see which one of the two men is actually qualified to coach the 49'rs to win.