Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Observations on a big soccer win

A few observations from the 49ers' convincing 2-0 men's soccer victory against No. 12 Wake Forest on Tuesday at Transamerica Field:

-- As smothering as Charlotte's attack was, the 49ers' defense obviously had just as much to do with the victory. Coach Jeremy Gunn thinks center backs Isaac Cowles and Charles Rodriguez are as good a pair as there is in the country. Charlotte hasn't allowed a goal in over two games.

-- Goalkeeper Patrick Eavinson, a former Charlotte Catholic player, got the shutout in his first start. He made a couple of crucial saves in both halves.

-- Charlotte's attack feeds off the energy of Jennings Rex, Evan James and Andres Cuero (the team's only senior). T.J. Beaulieu, Will Mayhew and Owen Darby came off the bench to add a dose of it, too.


Anonymous said...

Just another example of how Charlotte is superior to Wake.

Anonymous said...

And Davidson is better than both.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Davidson?

It's David we care about. The King who slayed Goliath. He represents the "Free Man" and has been immortalized by Michaelangelo.

David's son was Amnon, who was killed on the order of their half-brother, Absalom, for raping Absalom's sister.

Nice school, named after a rapist.

Anonymous said...

Don't make Davidson a synedoche for rape. There is rape happening elsewhere at this moment.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the same quality of Wake Forest team of the last 6-8 years. 8 fresh/soph on the field at a time. Losing around 15 players the last 3 years to the pros will do that to a program. Anyone who has followed wake soccer can see that.

and for the reporter, the goals all fall on the wake gk who was horrible.

Anonymous said...

How was the crowd? I saw the game had 2,010 attendees on the boxscore. Was it crazy good?

Anonymous said...

The University of North Carolina wins a 2nd time in a row. Big deal. Stop making WFU something it is not.They won the NCAA once only in 2007 and fielded its 1st soccer team in 1980. They are not that great.

Anonymous said...

Davidson is better than the flagship of UNC hands down. People who have attended Chapel Hill and Wake say that Wake is the superior institution.

Anonymous said...

Why are all of these assclowns talking about UNC Chapel Hill and Davidson? This was a game between Wake and Charlotte and Charlotte prevailed.

Good game Niners - continue the march.

49RFBN said...

Anon 10:56
- My thoughts exactly! Go take that garbage to an ACC message board.

Solid win by the Niners. If we keep up this way Judy will have to hire another HC soon. I hope we can keep Coach Gunn for some time though! Great win NINERS!

Anonymous said...

So Wake is a young team? Are you saying then that their #11 rating is B.S.? Perhaps the whole rating thing is skewed mightily toward the BCS conferences? By the way, Charlotte has exactly 1 senior on the team. As for Wake's keeper being horrible, he was not. His defenders played like highschoolers and he can only do so much to make up for that. Give credit to Wake for playing a game in Charlotte. Bet that won't happen again for a long time.

Anonymous said...

yes thier #11 ranking is all based off of last year and their rep.

And yes the GK was awful Didn't handle an easy cross on the own goal and then the long thru ball he could have picked up himself in the box.
Niners deserved the win, but it's not a huge win that everyone thinks it is...this isn't the same wake teams from the past.