Wednesday, February 9, 2011

49ers to face Furman in football

Charlotte has scheduled a two-game football series with the Southern Conference's Furman, according to the Paladins' athletic website.
The 49ers and Paladins will play on Nov. 15, 2014 -- Charlotte's second season of football -- in Greenville, S.C. A second game will be played in Charlotte in 2015,  with no date set yet.

2013 SCHEDULE (seven games so far)
Aug. 31, Campbell.
Sept. 14 N.C. Central; 21, at Old Dominion.
Oct. 5, Gardner-Webb; 26, at Charleston Southern.
Nov. 2, at Coastal Carolina; 23, at Morehead State. 

2014 SCHEDULE (seven games so far)
Sept. 6, Old Dominion; 13, at N.C. Central; 27, Charleston Southern.
Oct. 4, at Gardner-Webb.
Nov. 8, Coastal Carolina; 15, at Furman; 22; Morehead State.


Anonymous said...

Silver Fox pulls another one out. Good work Fox

Charles said...

Only a day later than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

That first game in Greenville is going to be a bloodbath. Probably more competitive in the game at Charlotte in year 3

Doug '78 said...

should the coack, whoever that may be, be involved in createing a schedule?

Anonymous said...

Not really, the AD usually handles that. The coach might have some minor input, but not always

49RFBN said...

Coaches have input when they are hired, not before. We can't wait till he's hired to schedule our first season. Football series are usually scheduled 4 to 5 years out. We have less than three years to schedule 2 whole INDEPENDENT seasons.

Anonymous said...

This gives the Niners a full schedule (11 games) in year two...not sure why he's posting this and not showing the other games. I am optimistic that the coach will be Chuck "The Chest" Amato...and he will raise good money. He will not be too worried about being a part of the schedule initially; he has to hit the recruiting trail in central NC rather quickly. Good Luck to you Chuck!