Wednesday, May 25, 2011

49ers need to win A-10 tournament

The 49ers' top-seeded baseball team is practicing today at Penn as it prepares for the Atlantic 10 tournament in Camden, N.J.

Charlotte, which won the regular-season title and is 39-14, will play the winner of today's noon matchup between No. 4 Xavier and No. 5 Richmond at noon on Thursday.

Conference pitcher of the year Andrew Smith (5-2, 1.38 in Atlantic 10 games) will start for the 49ers. Bret Williams, who shut out the 49ers 3-0 earlier this season, will start for the Spiders.

They're going to need to win the A-10 tournament, though, to get a bid to the NCAA tournament. Charlotte's RPI of 89 is too low (although the 49ers have a victory over No. 1 RPI North Carolina this season). You can mostly thank the Atlantic 10's league RPI of 19th for the 49ers' low team ranking.

I'll have a feature on right fielder Justin Wilson, who's hitting .345, in Thursday's Observer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks A-10. Heck, we wouldn't be in this position with 38 wins if we didn't play the A-10. So, hey, thanks A-10. It's fun to be the big bully on the block!

Anonymous said...

True anon 11:10am, we get to be the bully in the A10 like Boise St was in the WAC for football.

If we can do like they did and parlay our success into grabbing better and better recruits each year it will help bring us more national attention in the College Baseball world, and hopefully, a CWS title.

Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

We finished a game ahead of Rhode island who has an rpi 20+ better than us. It isn't just the a10.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. We were ranked in the top 30 the entire season and that doesn't qualify for an automatic bid?? Something just doesn't seem right. I realize our RPI is low, but that didn't stop us from being ranked 25th in the country. What am I missing???

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you still have job David!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I didn't realize the A-10 sucked so bad.

I have an idea: Since the football team is looking to possibly joining the Big South, why not just move all programs to the Big South? It would be an upgrade in everything except men's basketball. And even in hoops that would guarantee we win 20 games every single year since we would go 18-0 in conference games for at least a decade.