Thursday, December 10, 2009

BoT donates $1.6 million toward 49ers football

Philip Dubois, chancellor for UNC Charlotte, distributed a letter on Dec. 4, outlining several updates on campus, including a capital gift toward the start up of a football program from the school's board of trustees.

Here is the relevant portion:

Football Update: The architectural team of Jenkins-Peer/DLR Group has been selected to prepare conceptual designs for the football fieldhouse, practice fields, and football stadium. The complex will be located between the Mariam and Robert Hayes Baseball Stadium and the Charlotte Research Institute on the large intramural fields currently located there. Part of our planning includes relocation of the intramural fields that will be lost due to this new construction.

Meanwhile, the Board of Trustees will meet on December 11 to decide whether to move forward with the original timetable for the establishment of football (beginning play in the fall of 2013) or to delay the program for some period of time until the economy improves. Sales of Forty-Niner Seat Licenses (FSL’s) continue in an effort to raise some of the necessary start-up monies. Individuals interested in purchasing FSL’s who have not yet done so are strongly encouraged to visit or call 704/687-4949. Board of Trustee Vice Chair Gene Johnson continues to lead the capital campaign component of the fundraising efforts. Notably, the Board of Trustees has committed to contributing $1.6 million in personal gifts to the 49ers football program. In recognition of this commitment by 100% of the members of our Board, the Student-Athlete Academic Center within the football fieldhouse will be named in their honor.

You can read the entire chancellor's letter here.

Stay tuned to coverage of Friday's board of trustees meeting, which is expected to include a significant decision regarding the football program.


Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS!!! Proud of our university and what we are doing. For everyone that was "waiting" on getting fsls... its time to put up.

Anonymous said...

What he said.

49RFBN said...

Much better piece than the garbage on the opinion page. More substance to it too!

Freedom Huggins said...

let's get this pumping. i'm excited...