Thursday, January 27, 2011

49ers headed home

PHILADELPHIA -- The 49ers were scheduled to get a flight out of Philadelphia on Thursday morning. It was delayed, but seems like they're going to make it back.


Marc said...

If we were the Tar Heel there would have been a feature article in the Observer about this!

Sorry... I had to!

Anonymous said...

Any updates? Who sat next to who on the plane? What drinks did they get? Im dieing to know if they made it home safe!

Dowless said...

I'd have to agree that this news is not really news nor was the Tar Heels bumpy flight around a thunderstorm. If you haven't been stuck in an airport or bumped around in a thunderstorm you don't fly enough. I had two emergency landings in the same year. Neither one was in any newspapers and were far more serious than these.

Jeff said... more Observer arrticles on the Niners ! The Observer curse put on JB was deadly !