Sunday, January 2, 2011

Green not allowing 49ers to lose

If there's been a true revelation about the Charlotte 49ers in this four-game winning streak, it's been Derrio Green. And it's more about Green's mental toughness than anything else.

Green, Charlotte's junior guard, isn't allowing his team to lose.

Green isn't a great shooter -- he was making 34.8 per cent of his shots entering Sunday's game against Georgia Tech and was 5-of-20 against the Yellow Jackets. But he's become tough in the clutch and he's finding ways to help the 49ers in just about every other way.

-- Against Georgia Tech on Sunday, he made a huge 3-pointer in the second overtime to give the 49ers a six-point lead and was 8 for 8 from the free throw line (he's making 83 percent this season and hasn't missed since the Davidson game). With Tech's big, physical guards slowing down 5-10 point guard Jamar Briscoe, Green took over the ball handling duties and had nine assists (with three turnovers).

-- Against Mercer, Green's steal and layup gave Charlotte the lead with 2:50 lead.

-- Against Wright State, Green's 3-pointer with 16 seconds left were the winning points.

-- Against Tennessee, Green's assist to Phil Jones with 7.4 seconds left won the game.

Green likes being in the role of the 49ers go-to guy.

"I do, but I'm trying to not be selfish," he said. "But I felt like I could make plays and either get to the basket or get a teammate a shot.”

And look for Briscoe and Green to switch around some more in the backcourt.

"(Briscoe) is learning how to play off the ball a little bit and Derrio is learning how to play on the ball," said coach Alan Major. "I think it's a blessing in disguise for both guys if we can continue to get better at that."


Anonymous said...

This team does not quit. They play until the final buzzer.

Anonymous said...

This team has improved dramatically from early in the season especially on the defensive side. Georgia Tech looked like the "old" 49ers running an ineffective offense depending on hitting 3 pointers as the shot clock was running out. I also like how Coach Major has been able to incorporate an inside game and utilize the big guys into the offense which Bobby Lutz was never able to do. There is obviously more discipline, control, and teamwork. Go Niners!!

Anonymous said...

we have been fans for the last six years and I have never seen so much improvement. I am so happy for the team, they deserve it! The team work is great to watch. Coach Major has been a great asset to the team. Go Niners, we will be there to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

Where's the whiner about having Spears kicked off the team? See what happens when you drop a cancer on the team?

Anonymous said...

Go Niners!!

Dowless said...

Like I've said before. Give the head coach some time. Team looks to get better each week. I thought Georgia Tech played better than Tennessee did and the niners still came out on top. Great job team.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing seeing how much they have improved in the last 4 games. From watching the Tenn game online and listening to the other 3 games on the radio, it's becoming evident that Majors system is starting to work. At least something is happening and it's equaling wins. I've never seen them play with so much passion. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all your hard work David! I love the great coverage on the Niners!

Dowless said...

A little off subject, but I want to know why Charlotte athletics continue to let themselves be branded UNCC for the Athletics. MASN carried the broadcast against the Yellow Jackets and instead of listing it CHAR next to the score it was UNCC. These types of things don't help the athletics department break away from the UNC name. I'm sure MASN would be glad to correct these things with a phone call from the AD. After all part of the point of these broadcasts is for the Athletics is to brand the program and get revenues.