Tuesday, January 4, 2011

49ers' RPI takes a jump

The 49ers' men's basketball RPI still isn't great, but it improved to 190 this week. Thanks to the road victories against Mercer and Georgia Tech, it was the sixth largest leap in the country (52 places) during that time (through numbers posted this morning).

Charlotte's RPI didn't get much help from its Atlantic 10 brethren. Losses by Rhode Island (to Florida) and Massachusetts (getting blown out by Central Connecticut State on Monday), in addition to Richmond's loss at home to Bucknell on Sunday, dipped the league's RPI from eighth to ninth.


Anonymous said...

Until the Niners get an RPI under 100 there is very very little point in talking about the Niners RPI.

Lets just kill time till the A-10 tournament...its our only (and ever so desperately thin) hope.