Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Settling for jumpers doomed 49ers

The 49ers' problem against UMass on Wednesday? They settled for jump shots in the 73-54 loss to the Minutemen. That might be understandable, with Charlotte's front court diminished now -- 6-8 center Chris Braswell is the biggest guy on the team and two of the team's other tallest players (6-7 Javarris Barnett and 6-8 Gokhan Sirin) are primarily jump shooters.

The 49ers made five 3-pointers in the game's first eight minutes, but that couldn't last. They finished seven of 22 from the 3-point line.

"The fact that we made some shots early was good," said coach Alan Major. "It got us into an offensive rhythm. But we hung on a little too much with the jump shooting instead of grinding it out a bit more and getting inside.

"We were getting some really good movement, our driving and kicking (the ball outside) was terrific, but we just shot too many jumpers."

The 49ers' size problems also showed up on the boards, where UMass outrebounded them 40-32. It was the first time in five games Charlotte had been outrebounded.

-- Derrio Green's streak of 28 straight free throws was snapped when he missed in the first half. He had missed since the Winthrop game on Dec. 7.


Anonymous said...

It was so odd. It was like UMass teased us into taking open jump shots. We made them early and then settled into taking J's. Not smart basketball last night. And, very little defense.

Anonymous said...

This was a bad loss. It shows that this team is regressing and they will probably wind up with another losing season. Charlotte needs to get out the Atlantic 10, they have had no success in this conference and will continue this as time goes on. The last time this programs has had a descent post season was 2006 when they a roster of conference USA players like Curtis Withers. Change the coach and change the style of play and end up with the result - a bad pathetic, underachieveing team that can't compete in the Atlantic 10.

Anonymous said...

we suck again!

Anonymous said...

The echo of a bouncing basketball in an empty gym can be deafening.(Nobody is showing up for games and its going to get worse.) Thanks for nothing Judy. You gave up on the seniors last year and they gave up on you this year! Go ahead and defend your lousy leadership.

Anonymous said...

give me a break. Coach Major has no depth on his bench. He lost his shot blocker and he lost his leading scorer. Give the guy a chance to build the team.

Anonymous said...

It's unfair to blame coach Major or the team for this loss. We have a depleted roster because of injuries, suspensions and coaching switch-ups. It's a rebuilding year. When Alan Major is able to recruit some talent next year, the team will be great again. Until then, ppl can't have high expectations.