Thursday, September 22, 2011

49ers add Richmond to '16, '17 football schedules

The 49ers have added FCS power Richmond to their 2016 and '17 football schedules.

Charlotte -- which will play football for the first time in 2013 -- will play at Richmond Sept. 10, 2016, while the Spiders will come to Charlotte on Sept. 9, 2017.

The Spiders won the FCS national title in 2008.

“We are excited to have a team of the caliber of Richmond on our schedule,” said Charlotte coach Brad Lambert. “They have won the national championship and compete at the highest level of FCS football. Our fans are also familiar with the University of Richmond since we compete with them in the A-10.”

The Spiders compete in football in the Colonial Athletic Association, a league the 49ers are interested in joining.

-- The 49ers will play Belmont Abbey in a preseason men's basketball exhibition Nov. 3 at Halton Arena. The regular season opens Nov. 11 at home against N.C. Central.


49RFBN said...

Assuming Richmond doesn't fall off in the time till then, this will be a tough game.

Anonymous said...

I like this addition. Still waiting for the games with App St and Montana. I want us to play the best teams we can.

Now if only we can convince our AD that it IS in our program's best interests financially to play a couple road games against FBS powerhouses. I can live with one or two 63-0 games if we can pocket $400k for them.

Willard said...

really like this series. great competition at some an early part of the development of the program.

49RFBN said...


We've schduled VT for 2019, so we're not exactly avoiding FBS schools. While I agree that a well paid "beating" by an FBS program will make the bottom line better; I don't think we should send out freshmen and sophomores to take that beating. Look for 1 FBS opponent a year starting in 2017.

Alex said...

In their first year competing last year, Georgia State went to Alabama and took it on the chin (something like 63-7). Obviously there's a connection there with Bill Curry, but sending a first-year team to be cannon fodder isn't necessarily unheard-of.

Anonymous said...

Who are Charlotte 49ers? What an idiot name.

Its UNC 49ers

Or Carolina 49ers

Charlotte was some ancient dead white queen from England. She died 250 yrs ago. America won independence in 1777. Give up the ghost.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:23pm:

You're a moron. Go 49ers.

Alex said...

@ 5:23

Obvious troll is obvious.

Anonymous said...


Your ignorance is obvious!

Anonymous said...

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