Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soccer America ranks 49ers 19th

The 49ers' men's soccer team is ranked 19th in this week's Soccer America magazine's men's poll.

Charlotte (5-1) had a big victory on Friday, winning at then-No. 17 Virginia. The 49ers' schedule doesn't get any easier. They play at Clemson tonight, then, after a home game Saturday against Campbell, play at top-ranked Maryland next Tuesday.

49ers midfielder Tyler Gibson was also named the Atlantic 10's player of the week. Gibson's penalty kick tied the game in the final minute of regulation against Virginia.

Soccer America's poll

Team (Record) Last week
1. Maryland (7-0-0) 1
2. Connecticut (6-0-0) 2
3. Creighton (5-0-0) 3
4. North Carolina (5-1-0) 5
5. Akron (4-0-2) 4
6. Louisville (5-1-0) 6
7. Indiana (5-0-2) 7
8. UCF (6-0-1) 8
9. UC Santa Barbara (4-1-1) 9
10. UC Irvine (7-1-0) 10
11. Old Dominion (4-0-0) 11
12. St. John's (5-1-1) 14
13. UCLA (4-2-1) 16
14. Boston College (5-1-0) 18
15. Notre Dame (4-1-2) 20
16. West Virginia (4-2-1) 22
17. New Mexico (5-0-2) 23
18. USF (4-2-1) 12
19. Charlotte (5-1-0) NR
20. UAB (5-0-2) NR
21. Santa Clara (4-1-1) NR
22. East Tennessee State (5-1-0) NR
23. Furman (6-1-1) NR
24. Northern Illinois (6-1-0) 13
25. Coastal Carolina (5-2-0) NR


Anonymous said...

The majority of cities our side have a pro soccer team. Too bad we don't and we're nowhere close to even building towards one with a decent minor league franchise that can be grown and eventually graduate to MLS as happened in places like Portland. Regional rivals like Atlanta, Raleigh, Nashville, even Charleston are light years ahead of us in that regard. I love soccer but even if you don't, it'd hard not to recognize that a city competing for jobs and corporate HQ relocations with those other cities needs every advantage it can stick in a Powerpoint. Large numbers of young, college-educated workers are soccer fans: the same people big companies look to retain and attract. NASCAR is great but is invisible to that group. Some basic start towards pro soccer would be a nice compliment to the success we've had with other sports. Until then, maybe we can rally around the 49ers. Good for them. Maybe this is where we start building something.

Andrew W said...

What do you think about conference realignment?

Anonymous said...

Go Carolina 49ers !!!

Anonymous said...

We deserve to be in the Big East! We were screwed the first and have earned our rightful seat at the table! But we'll never get it because everyone under-appreciates and hates on us...especially the hometown paper! Stupid Wal-Mart fans that support schools that they didn't go to are so uneducated and ignorant!

Anonymous said...

Big East? R U kidding?

What about the ACC?

Carolina Fortyniners


Carolina Tarheels

Move over rover let Jimmy take over

What the heck is a tar heel anyway?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a soccer fan - soccer is the only sport where time moves slower than Yankees-Red Sox baseball games - but any Charlotte 49er team that makes the national rankings is fine by me. It appears we may have our best-ever men's soccer team this year. Cool!

I noticed Coastal is 25th. Did their football coach give the soccer team a "dogs & cats" motivational speech?