Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Football walk-on meeting set

-- More tangible evidence of football at Charlotte comes Monday (Sept. 12) when the 49ers coaching staff holds an informational session for prospective walk-ons. The session will be at 5 p.m. in the After Hours Dining Area in the Cone Center on campus.

Walk-ons must be full-time students at Charlotte. Members of the 49ers coaching staff and the school's compliance office will be there. Dates for walk-on tryouts haven't been set.

-- 49ers women's basketball player Jessica Johnson tore the ACL in her right knee last week and will miss the season. Johnson, a junior guard who started six games last season, will redshirt. Also, sophomore guard Lanie Whitaker has left the program and will transfer.

-- The 49ers' men's soccer team controlled much of the game Tuesday in a 2-1 loss at South Carolina. The 49ers outshot the Gamecocks 17-7 and had more cornerkicks by a wide margin (9-2). Also, Aidan Kirkbride hit the post with a shot. Charlotte's next game is Friday at Elon.


Anonymous said...

"More tangible evidence of football at Charlotte"

Charlotte? Charlotte what? Charlotte AD? UNCC AD?

Ok you idiots need to make up your minds. Rose named the AD as Charlotte AD not the whole university or did she? Very confusing.

Its the Charlotte AD at UNCC not the Charlotte AD at Charlotte?

What a mess. Leave it to a woman ...
Just return to UNCC AD.

Or go to the supreme level:
UNC 49ers
UNC 49ers at Charlotte
Carolina 49ers

Anonymous said...

2:49 - You are really dim. You must be a UNC-CH grad. Let me break it down for you. Be sure you don't read too fast.

The school's name is the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, or UNC Charlotte.

The school's athletic department and all teams are the Charlotte 49ers. This means that Judy Rose is the Charlotte AD.

Got it now?

This different name for the athletics was conceived to eliminate confusion with the athletic teams from that barnyard school in Chapel Hill, and to eliminate the widely-held perception nationwide that UNC Charlotte is a satellite campus of Chapel Hill with 4 buildings and 45 students. There are a ton of us who attend or have attended UNC Charlotte that want the school's name changed to University of Charlotte or Charlotte University. We don't need that UNC prefix any more than App St needs to be called UNC Boone. This rebranding of the athletic department is a step in the right direction for those of us who hold that opinion.

And since you bashed the Charlotte AD, I will remind you, as I have many others, that the baseball team, both basketball teams, both soccer teams, and the golf team have all made NCAA tournaments in the past 10 years, and every one of their coaches was hired by Judy Rose.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rboggs81 said...

J...just ignore that Anon troll, he is the same one always popping on 49ers posts spewing the same crap. He is either completely ignorant of reality or just a blatant hater. Not worth the effort.

Let's Go CHARLOTTE 49ers! WOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Idiots. No wonder you went to UNCC. UNCCH rejected you? SAT low? Grades low? Couldnt play sports?
Rose has made a mockery of UNCC and lied about confusion with the UNCCH and UNCC names.

Why is a "C" confusing with an "H"? Noone else has that problem. Does Rose know her alphabet? Did she drop out of elementary school?

UNCG of the SOCON (that UNCC badly wants to be a part of) has never had a problem with name confusion. Neither has UNCA UNCP UNCW or any others.

Is the problem low IQ ?

Go back to using UNCC. That is who you are in the UNC system and NC State Legislature since 1965.

Got it? Quit looking so DUMB.

ps C and H look nothing alike.

str8talk said...

As I said earlier UNCC should not worry so much about good recruits as once this college season is over they will be coming out of other colleges like crazy.I could see 40-50 kids playing college right now who will be looking to transfer to UNCC. It always happens and UNCC will be an attractive place to go and play, especially for younger guys who won't mind the redshirt year.

Anonymous said...

Walk-ons are absolutely the ONLY way to solve the national massive NCAA recruiting scam crisis with and in fact would involve not only eradicate academically unqualifed imposters using the school along with professional sports for their own benefit but also involve more localized athletes statewde while saving schools millions each in a bad economy.

NCAA rules need to be changed to walk-ons only and no scholarships. This is the good pay for play scheme and would return integrity to college athletics. Problems mainly exist with the lucrative larger schools so less recogonized schools like UNCC and others would benefit greatly with NCAA rule changes.

Clean up this god awful mess in NCAA sports. Weed out the crooks criminals and imposters.

str8talk said...

Western Carolina wins two games a year with more out of state players than in-state players.16,700cost$$$$ for out of state player as opposed to around 7,000$$for instate players.The point: recruit heavy on the North Carolina kids.I am already seeing signs just like at wake where they are already out of state making unofficial offers to kids at positions they haven't even played.Build local pride, the kids are here!!!DON'T WIND UP LIKE WCU,THEY MAY NOT WIN TWO GAMES AND THEY RECRUITED IN A BUNCH OF JUCOS FROM OUT WEST.LOCAL KIDS.Please don't tell me about recruiting competition with other schools.Get out and see the kids right in your backyard.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Taking away scholarships from college athletics is an absurd, ignorant claim. Factual evidence from multiple sides of the argument would disprove that idea. Sincerely,

Someone who is deeply involved in college athletics.