Thursday, September 15, 2011

49ers coaches visit Georgia recruit

Charlotte 49ers head men's basketball coach Alan Major and assistant Desmond Oliver made an in-home visit to one of their top recruiting targets Wednesday night.

Major and Oliver were in Thomasville, Ga., to visit Willie Clayton, a 6-8 power forward at Thomasville High.

Thomasville coach Ben Tillman met with Major and Oliver before they went to Clayton's house.

"They talked about Willie and how he might fit into their program, and the direction they were headed," said Tillman.

Tillman said Clayton has his choices narrowed to Charlotte, South Florida and Mercer. He said Clayton likely won't announce his decision before Oct. 1

The 49ers already have a verbal commitment from Mooresville High shooting guard Shawn Lester. Clayton made his official visit to Charlotte a few weeks ago with Lester.


Anonymous said...

So our top target is a guy that might go to South Florida or Mercer? And that video headline? Top 5 in what? Top 5 in Thomasville GA? I would think that if he was top 5 in the nation, or even top 5 of the South, the BCS conference teams would be all over him.

C'mon Major, you gotta aim higher than this. If this is the caliber of player we're going after, we're going to be looking up toward the Southern Conference in no time.

Anonymous said...

Major is rebuilding a program.

I believe Major know alittle more about recruiting that you with verbal from a local 3 star recruiting.

I wish Major all the success in the world.

Go Niners!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: J's comments

Why is it that every fanbase has to have that fringe that embarasses the rest?

Shawn Lester (committed) is a Rovals 150 player. Clayton is possibly a hair undersized, but his evals have all been awesome, especially his work ethic and game intensity.

Bobby lutz made the mistake of just chasing after BPA, or even unavailable, with little thought of a team concept. Major & his staff are specifically targeting, long athletic kids that will work hard, play D, and have basketball IQ (in addition to skill). He had 3solid freshman commits before halloween last year, and with Clayton joing Lester, will repeat that again this year. It's refreshing.

I can't wait for Clayton to commit. Confident he will because I believe in this staff and their vision, and what they can do for him to maximize his potential.

Anonymous said...

12:14 - I suppose you are speaking in opposition to my comment, but your post is so completely incoherent that only you know what you're saying. Could you try again?

12:37 - I'm hardly part of the lunatic fringe. Tim Collie has that covered (haven't heard from him in a while though). I wasn't speaking of any other recruits; I agree he has some solid players locked up. I was just expressing concern that we were putting the full-court press on for a guy that is being pursued only by such low-level programs as USF and Mercer (I don't care that USF is in the Big East; they are completely irrelevant). If the left side of your house was destroyed by a storm, I would be worried if you spent significant time and effort dusting the top of a door on the right side.

I am completely behind Major and hope we can soon get back to making regular appearances in the big dance.

Anonymous said...

Mercer is awesome...Go Bears!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to "J":
From a rivals blurb last year: "Willie Clayton of Thomasville (Ga.) High School, a 6-7 forward in the 2012 class, now has offers from Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, Alabama and Mercer."

I don't know if those other schools were still interested now, but not everyone immediately picks from the most prominent schools in their offer list. Clayton by all accounts is a very good player and at a position of need for Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Mediocrity!

Oh wait, I forgot. Major is "rebuilding" the program...

Anonymous said...

Just wait till next year!

Anonymous said...

E Victor Nickerson was ranked in the top 100 by ESPN and the top 150 by Rivals. His final list of schools was Charlotte, Mercer, and Depaul.

I didn't see anyone shitting on him because of his final list of schools.

Clayton and Nickerson are friends. Sounds like Clayton simply wants to play close to home or play with a friend. Nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Tim Collie.

Anonymous said...

willie clayton is the best!! everybody dought the man just wait until he get to college.. he is going to shock the world.An i want to know what the world going to say then..... i am a willie clayton fan!!

Anonymous said...

the guy play on the USA NATIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM. he avg 10pts and 8 rebounds on the usa team against (GROWN MEN) LETS BE REAL WITH OURSLEVES PEOPLE. THE GUY GOT A GIFT FROM GOD..

Michael Procton said...

No, 6:16, he doesn't. He plays on the U-18 team against other teenagers.