Friday, January 7, 2011

49ers face tall task in Bonnies' Nicholson

Charlotte might not see a big man as good as St. Bonaventure's Andrew Nicholson this season when they play Saturday at the Bonnies' Reilly Center.
“He knows how to get what he wants in the post, and that’s a great quality to have in a big man,” said Charlotte coach Alan Major. “He’s really talented. He’s got an array of moves, a good spin move and has range from 15 feet.”

Charlotte (8-7, 0-1) might be one of the few teams in the league with the size to handle Nicholson, who also averages 8.5 rebounds. Chris Braswell (6-8), Phil Jones (6-11) and K.J. Sherrill (6-7) each figure to spend time defending him.

“It’s going to be defense by committee,” said Major. “You can’t do it with just one guy, you’ve got to have help.”

The Bonnies (8-5) will be playing their first league game. They've got a victory earlier this season against St. John's, which upset Georgetown earlier this week.

-- Major said he hopes to get guard Charles Dewhurst back “any day now.” He said Dewhurst, who has been out with a broken finger, should be out of his cast soon.

-- We had some technical problems with the blog the other night at Richmond. Sorry about not posting one.


Anonymous said...

Go Bonnies!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody wrapped Dewberry in bubblewrap before he got on the plane.

Anonymous said...

I think we will beat ST Boneventure. Braz had a great night against Richmond even though we lost that one.

Anonymous said...

Nicholson got away with at least 5 travels today and he is immature. He also made a pass to himself. And, he's mad 2 threes all year in 15 games and boom he hits one to tie it at 64. Those three part-time officials killed us.
Derrio did NOT double dribble. He also drew a foul on a poor pumpfake. No call. How doe we shoot 9 FTs and they shoot 40-plus?