Monday, January 10, 2011

Rose expresses concerns to A-10 about officiating

49ers athletics director Judy Rose has been in touch with Atlantic 10 officials to express her displeasure in the officiating in Charlotte's first two league games.

Rose sent emails and spoke with commissioner Bernadette McGlade and supervisor of officials Jim Satalin about the disparity in the number of of fouls called against the 49ers in road games against Richmond last Wednesday and St. Bonaventure on Saturday.

The 49ers shot four free throws against the Spiders (who shot 16) and nine in a triple-overtime loss against the Bonnies (who shot 42). The 49ers didn't reach the bonus until the second overtime against St. Bonaventure. They never got into the bonus against Richmond and the Spiders weren't called for a foul in the final 6:22 of the game.

Rose sent a DVD to the league office of the two games. She said she is also concerned about a double-dribble call made against 49ers guard Derrio Green as time ran out in the second overtime against St. Bonaventure and the score tied.

"There's not much that can come of it other than them hearing us out," said Rose. "But I hope they look at the (foul) differential in both games., that's what I think they need to focus on.

"It's a matter of consistency. Not just for Charlotte, but for everybody in the whole league."

The 49ers, the league's best free-throw shooting team, made 12 of the 13 free throws in the two games. Charlotte's next game is Saturday against Fordham at Halton Arena.


Anonymous said...

Good for Judy and the AD's office. It was pretty painful watching the St. Bonaventure game saturday. I definitely think something needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Glad Judy spoke up. I don't expect anything to change, but something needed to be said.

The officiating in the St. Bona game was an absolute joke.

Now she just needs to let her Head Coach know that there was nothing wrong with him getting a technical during a game like that.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the officials have it out for Charlotte. Sounds like some crying to me. Coach Major is a class act and has this team on the right path. No need to cry about officiating.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte was lucky to be in it vs Bonnies, they were down the whole game and still had 2 shots to win it in regulation and the 1st OT. Make the shots and then you would not need to complain.

Anonymous said...

Wear a steel helmet while I hit you in the head with a shovel and you will have no reason to complain. Same logic!

Anonymous said...

This league has always had a sorry officiating. The league office takes care of X and Temple and most of the time, Dayton, but only at home. Now that St. Joe's is moribund, they get stuck with us dregs. The director of officials has no spine. If Major does not step up to them he will get stepped on.

And, "Anon at 3:04", that is just flat out funny!

Anonymous said...

Take it to the hoop instead of 27 three-pointers and you'll draw fouls. ... Hammer the other team's inside star all game and they'll get foul shots. Seems pretty simple to me.

Anonymous said...

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