Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow gets best of 49ers, too

PHILADELPHIA -- The 49ers are spending Wednesday night in Philadelphia, rather than flying back to Charlotte after their 76-67 loss against Temple.

It was a crazy day of weather in Philly. It started with a snow storm in the morning, then changed over to a steady rain in the afternoon. Sometime after the Charlotte-Temple game began Wednesday night, more snow came, and this was even heavier than earlier in the day.

With up to a foot of snow falling, the 49ers changed their post-game travel plans: Instead of taking a planned two-hour bus ride to Baltimore after the game and catching a flight back to Charlotte, the team remained in Philadelphia -- the safe, sensible thing to do. The 49ers are scheduled to fly back to Charlotte on Thursday morning.

This snowstorm is so severe though, that there's no guarantee the Philadelphia International Airport will be open Thursday, at least in the morning. We'll keep you posted.

Notes from Temple

-- Charlotte forward Javarris Barnett, who had become one of the team's best offensive weapons, has slumped recently. He's made just 3 of 11 3-pointers in Charlotte's last four games. He's still rebounding well, though, and had seven against Temple.

-- The 49ers followed a season-high 26 turnovers performance against Duquesne last Saturday with just 12 against Temple. But the Owls scored 20 points off of them, while Charlotte managed just six points off nine Temple turnovers.

-- Point guard Jamar Briscoe, who didn't have a turnover, had four assists against Temple. He made two 3-pointers in the first five minutes of the game, then went 0-5 from long-range the rest of the way.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you bring weatehr into the 49er equasion. The only time they will be relevent is when Hell freezes over!

Anonymous said...

leave em there

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that UNC got an actual article about theyre plane hitting turbulence and we have our story buried in a blog! Its a conspiracy I tell you! When will the O learn to give us our share of coverage?!! Im canceling my subscription!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Coaches:
Jeff Mullins, Melvin Watkins, & Bobby Lutz

Thank you for your contributions to the Charlotte 49er program. The three of you treated the program like it was your baby. It was a great 25 year run.
We apologize that 25 years of hard work has been destroyed in 60 days. It was a cruel and calculating act by a ball & chain we can’t seem to get rid of. As soon as she thought the cupboard was full of talent and success was guaranteed for this year (no matter who the coach was going to be) she made her move.

With 19 wins last year and 4 starters returning she calculatingly thought this year would be a breakout year and she would be given goddess status as the team moved to a new level. She thought she would be viewed as a genius. Many thought her to be a friend, now all they can say to her is “et tu Brute?”

Patrick said...

Anonymous 8:01 -

Was it difficult to have 3 misspelled words out of 21? That is a pretty high rate. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

No! Remember, one must write with the reader’s level of comprehension in mind. You have done well “grasshopper”.

Ain't I good!

Now get back to work and stop defending your boss lady.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:01:

3 out of 21. That's only 86% accuracy. Congrats!

To Anon 10:05... We played one of the top 25 teams in the country and A-10 preseason #1, what did you expect? I thought we played pretty well, considering. Also, in the last 60 days, I have seen our team grown into something almost 2 years couldn't show. Major's techniques are finally starting to show. This is a rebuilding year. Accept it.

Anonymous said...

Well, considering how bad the 49ers played last time against Massachusetts, this lost was so bad, factoring being on the road and against a tough Atlantic 10 opponent. Still, the 49ers don't belong in the A10, they play with no heart in this conference unlike the days of Conference USA.

Anonymous said...

he's a uncc grad.
everyone laughing at uncc

Anonymous said...

We stink!Judy stinks!

Dowless said...

Anon 7:14,
Your break at McDonald's is over. Get off the free WI-FI and get on the fries.

Anonymous said...

There's no shame in owning a chain of McDonald's restaurants.

As soon as Judy gets fired give me a call and I'll give you a job.