Saturday, April 4, 2009

Q&A with 49ers coach Bobby Lutz

As part of story running in Sunday's Observer looking ahead to the 2009-10 men's basketball season for the Charlotte 49ers, I spoke with coach Bobby Lutz regarding several issues. Here are some highlights:

Q: How big of an impact was point guard Michael Gerrity's decision to quit the team shortly after the season started?

Lutz: There is no doubt that it changed so much. Even though DiJuan (Harris) developed and did a wonderful job, we had to prepare someone else to fill that role. It took Charles (Dewhurst) away - he was unselfishness enough to volunteer. We just didn't have any choice. Shamarr Bowden could have helped but he gets hurt the first week of practice in October. At this point there is no reason to make excuses. Charles did the best he could but it did take away from his natural aggressiveness. It had a ripple effect that was just compounded by injuries, to Shamarr but also to Charles and An'Juan (Wilderness). We were a team that needed all of our guys to be a team at least as good as we were a year ago.

Q: In the face if the large number of losses, was there an area in which you thought the team performed well?
Lutz: I thought we competed. It didn't always show up in rebounding or on the stat sheet. There was tremendous effort in the games and in practice. We showed a degree of risiliency, if you will, and as a result I think that's why we were in so many games, but we did let some slip away. We did beat two teams in conference play that went on to the NCAA Tournament. The guys continued to fight and compete. Also, I think DiJuan was a big strength of this team, particularly his consistency considering how much he played.

Q: What was the biggest issue this team faced on the court this season?
Lutz: Consistency across the board. It wasn't lack of effort. It was lack of productivity and consistency in a lot of areas that added up to us having the type of season we had.

Q: You have two scholarships left for next season. What is the status with those?
Lutz: We were already recruiting point guards for 2010 when Mike left. We tried to scramble to get involved but it was late. We've battled all year to make sure we get a point or a combo (guard). We'll get one. We're involved with four or five players right now and I think two of them would be impact players greatly. The others would be good backups and solid. One will definitely go to a point guard or combo guard. The other will go to the next best player available.


Anonymous said...

yes Lutz, blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

I thought we competed...brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Oh look, 49er fans whining again. That's why you fail.

ch49r said...

Niners will be back strong next year. Adding Spears, Braswell and Shamarr Bowden will have an immediate impact. No doubt losing 4 players from the rotation affected them this season.

CLoudNiner said...

What's the latest on Mt. Dew's knee, since Maryland?

CLoudNiner said...

I'm not knocking the team. I know it was a tough season with untimely and painful injuries. It wasn't a total loss. I'm just looking forward to next season. How do we rate a run through the preseason NIT next year? I thought that a team had to have a winning record the previous season.