Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A-10 tournament staying in Atlantic City

The Atlantic 10 Conference has completed a three-year deal to continue playing its annual men's basketball tournament at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, the league office announced Tuesday morning.

The A-10 has played its tournament the past three years at the arena but had opened the bidding process this season to other venues. Cities such as Springfield, Mass., Dayton, Ohio, and Cincinnati had expressed interest.

“The decision to return to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City provides a great opportunity to grow our marquee event and truly brand the Atlantic 10 men’s basketball championship,” said league commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade. "The facility is well-suited for this championship, Atlantic City is a historic seashore resort, and the city has welcomed the Atlantic 10."

There is one change to the tournament's format which had been announced previously. Starting next season, first round games will be played on the home court of the team with the higher seed. The tournament quarterfinals, semifinals and championship game will then be played in Atlantic City.

Next year's tournament is scheduled to be played March 12,13 and 14 with opening round games held on March 9.


Rob said...

Who freakin' cares about the A-10? The 49ers might as well be playing in Siberia! They never should have left C-USA. Thank God they resigned Lutz, I don't know where they'd be without him ;)

Anonymous said...

The A-10 had two teams in the Second Round..... the ACC had three. They Now have one team in the Sweet 16, while the ACC has two. Mayber if more than a thousand people came to see Bobby coach every game you'd see the Niners play some pretty good teams and beat them no-less. (Wins over Dayton and Xavier at home this year, including a win over UMASS which beat Kansas earlier this year)

Anonymous said...

Rob you're an idiot. Like they left C-USA on purpose. They were kicked out.

Anonymous said...

We didn't leave C-USA as it was we left C-USA as it is. It's no longer Louisville, Cincy, Memphis, Marquette...it's just Memphis. JUST Memphis. We would have been the lone non-football school in theleague. How long would that have lasted...they wouldn't be carrying us until the proposed 2013 season.
The league stinks and so does the A-10. But, the A-10 stinks less.